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Is credit counseling is a good idea if I can get my credit card paid ? Will you put a flag on my credit report ? My plan is to go through Consumer Credit Counseling Centers of America sponsored by the United Way . Anyone have any feedback ?

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#1BertoAnswered at 2013-02-22 09:27:36
CCCS is a great program with the right company . Just do your homework to find a CCCS program that sends monthly statements and online access will do well . As for the red flag , or please I have clients who were in our program and have bought houses, cars and all kinds of things in better rates then some of the people I know who do not have a marked CCCS your credit report . The CCCS everything is the same as lying Bankruptcy wine settlement companies trying to put the customer wrong in your program. It's simply say that earn their trust and discredit the CCCS program . Often settlement companies will tell you that CCCS is a program funded by the creditor ......... Yes it is, but who cares if our interest rate ranging from 29.99% to 7.5% does it matter that the funds for that program ? I say this to all settlement companies lie that says little and fool people every day who should not be in your program ............ Customers can use our God given common sense . If you go on solution and not pay your creditors back and you have tons of collections on your credit report do you think is going to look great ? The settlement is only for customers who try to avoid bankruptcy . It is ideal for customers about to BK . In CCCS your monthly payment to your creditors , reached an agreement with you , everything stays in time and return ......................... . I do not know, but if you knew that a customer would pay something back not lend them money ? Think about it . Kourtnie
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