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QAhh..Mothers..and Mother in Laws...?

Hi .. just curious anyone out there who has the same problems as me , if not .. i collect 'm crazy , and I 'm fine with that ..
My MIL always take my old 7wk first thing when we go out there then treats me like I 'm not even there, she always calls him " little man of Nana " (which is not .. It's mine and my husbands little man ! ) And she always proud to welcome sleep saying ' touch of Nana , I just wanted to see his nana before he was happy to go to sleep " ( N º . tired yu became sustained him when he fell asleep ) also the other day , I accidentally hit her head as I was getting in the car and began to mourn ( as they do ) and my mother had the hide to say , ' let him stay here with me , you should not be going home to such an environment unsuitable, is crying for her nanny and wants to stay with me , why he hit his head " ( it was an accident , for the first time , and like I do not feel horrible enough! )

The other stories ? I just wanted to vent : o) love to hear stories of some tho !

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#1zolaAnswered at 2013-02-10 15:55:15
I have sooo many horror stories MIL ... I could write for hours ! The two that stand out most in my mind ( and I probably never forgive her for ) 1) He told my husband that the reason our daughter smiled later ( she had her first
#2ANYIAnswered at 2013-02-12 19:14:39
OMG! I have flipped if my mother that way ! that's crazy ! I really I have nothing bad to say that ! Mine is malicious and everything but ... to stay here with me , you should go home to that environment unfit , is crying for her nanny and wants to stay with me , why have you beaten your head ' < br > Seriously , would have lost my mind there is no friggen how rude is that? ! I would have told him off! seriously! I'm so crazy about you . she's a * ss ! My mother lives far away, so I do not see her very often , but when we do always try to tell me what I have to do ...
#3┆ o `residual Que Answered at 2013-02-13 21:34:54
Take it easy ! My mother - in-law swears that I'm freezing my daughter to death despite his many articles have shown that a baby in a fresh and less likely to die of SIDS . She never lets go and me crazy . My daughter is 9 months old and has never been sick , not even a diaper rash , I'm obviously doing something right .
#4gopherAnswered at 2013-02-16 00:00:14
goodnees know how many times I and my son has beaten his head into the car , what happens , my son is almsot 14 months now and not even realize half the time . my mother always calls me her baby son or your child . which is quite annoying as it was a horrible motehr even lifting my boyfriend most of his life aslo , when I was pregnant , she told me kepy
#5AnonymousAnswered at 2014-03-06 16:10:55
My MIL talks to Emma, not me. She'll say, Emma, mommy does not know that the next baby won't be as good as you (we are TTC). Things like that. Tonight for example she was freaking out b/c Emma (seven months) was chewing on a breadstick and she said "she has that whole thing in her mouth." But, she did not, just a bit and she did just fine!
#6AnonymousAnswered at 2014-03-10 06:59:32
She sounds like a beotch. My MIL is crazy too though. I remember my MIL telling me that when I come back from Iraq (I'm in the military in case it's not obvious) my son will be calling her mama instead. I just about punched her in the face for that one. There's more but I don't want to steal your thunder.
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Ahh..Mothers..and Mother in Laws...?

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