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  • 1Ahh..Mothers..and Mother in Laws...?

    Hi .. just curious anyone out there who has the same problems as me , if not .. i collect 'm crazy , and I 'm fine with that .. My MIL always take my old 7wk first thing when we go out there then treats me like I 'm not even there, she always calls him " little man of Nana " (which is not .. It's mine and my husbands little man ! ) And she always proud to welcome sleep saying ' touch of Nana , I just wanted to see his nana before he was happy to go to sleep " ( N º . tired yu became sustained him when he fell asleep ) also the other day , I accidentally hit her head as I was getting in the car and began to mourn ( as they do ) and my mother had the hide to say , ' let him stay here with me , you should not be going home to such an environment unsuitable, is crying for her nanny and wants to stay with me , why he hit his head " ( it was an accident , for the first time , and like I do not feel horrible enough! ) The other stories ? I just wanted to vent : o) love to hear stories of some tho !

  • 2If i stuff my mother in laws body in the trunk?

    ? I can use the car pool lane images or video

  • 3What would be a good excuse for not showing up at my mother in laws 80th birthday party?

    For personal reasons, I don't care to go. What excuse can I give for not attending?

  • 4My mothers car was totaled?

    Can a claim be dismissed injurry staff if a person lies about his injury car my mother was destroyed and the other person was not bad injuired expected to go to the doctor a week after the accident and parmedics poilce wern't called you wait a week to go to the doctor and then complain of back injuries after a car accident or you'd go if there was an ambulance called ?

  • 5Drinking &Driving is it just blown out of porportion by MADD Mothers?

    Laws keep getting more strict I ​​can not even go out in my car and drunk . Now when I drive I have to hide my beer !

  • 6Is it legal to speed/run stop signs when carrying expecting mothers in labor to hospital? Where to find law?

    I'm wondering if it would or not , but if there are laws that protect people who are speeding in the exercise of mothers in labor to hostital . Please give facts and not opinion sources . thanks

  • 7"What are the car insurance laws and registration laws for vehicles in Canada? Inspection stations? Cost?

    There are also many shopping malls .. Thrift Shops stores , etc ?

  • 8Help with my mother in law?

    I honestly don't know what to do. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and plan to get married this summer and we have two children together. And since the beginning of our relationship I have had problems with her with I could deal with before but know that we have kids I just can't take it anymore. What really pushed me over the edge was last year when we where living in their unfinished basement of their 6000 sq ft house (since we weren't allowed to take a bedroom since they didn't want us to wreck the floor) while trying to get a house of our own, our two pomeranians were not allowed in their house because they were not fixed and my in laws said the dogs would ruin the house, even though we gave them one of the puppies that our dogs had and that one was in the house and defecated and urinated all over the house and would bark non stop, well one day while i was at work and my dogs where out in their cages in the garage in middle of the summer somehow my bright red dog got out of his cage and my mother in law must not have seen he was out and went to leave in her car ( to see her husband since he works in the neighborhood) and somehow my dog was in the road and she hit him and he died. I got the phone call at work and came straight home only to be told by my father in law that i HAD to tell my mother in law (who was hiding in between the back seats of her car) that it was okay that she ran over my dog and that i was not mad at her. And still to this day we can not talk about my dog because "it upsets her too much" and if we do say something to her about it she runs to her husband and tell him we said something so he calls my boyfriend and yells at him for bringing it up. And the biggest problem that I have with her is with my children. I do not speak to my mother because she is an alcoholic, so I wanted my children to at least have one grandma so I tried to get over all the issues but I can't. When she had her two kids they NEVER were put into car seat she just held them until they were too big, then they just roamed the car, and she has tried to let that happen with my son, I have told her no on multiple occasions and one time my son had an accident in the car and i left his extra clothes at her house so i took off his pants and underwear and wrapped his bottom with my sweatshirt and strapped him in the car seat since we were 5 minutes from her house. My son was upset because of the accident and not having extra clothes so he was kinda throwing a fit about getting it the seat and my mother in law says oh well leave him in the back with her other son and she will drive home as fast as she can, but i strapped him in anyway, and went to walk around the car to get in the front seat and when i got in her ten year old was trying to unstrap his car seat and my MIL knew it and didn't say anything so i had to tell him to leave my son alone, he is fine. And another occasion while my son and i were with her he was upset about being in the seat so long so she stopped the car and asked me to let him sit in the back seat, without a car seat, and i told her no. but I think that she lets him when I am not around because after he comes home from her house he refuses to sit in his car seat and she does not put a winter jacket on my son, she thinks putting a blanket on him is sufficient enough, or she will take off his jacket when we get into the car, even though he is fine with it on. Another thing is that she lets my son sleep in bed with her when he sleeps over, which he sleeps in his own bed at our house. (Her eleven year old son is still sleeping in their bed and she still wipes his butt after he has a bowel movement). And the worst of it all is that she obsesses over my son's pee pee. She will always offer to take him to the bathroom or give him a bath in with after wards she is always examining his pee pee and touching it. Even her own husbands agrees. I have not confronted her about it, i just try and take my son to the bathroom or not let him take a bath while we are there, because i know if i do she will just run to her husband who will just call and yell at my boyfriend which is the last thing he needs (working 53 hours a week at full time job, also being a paid on call firefighter for our town, and taking classes to further his career as a firefighter) And I don't appreciate her making all her little comments towards me trying to make me feel like i am not a good mom. She is somewhat a hoarder and has just about every toy from both of her two sons. She lets my son play with the toys and sometimes take them home, but says she wants it back, she comes to our house she goes to his room and goes through all his toys taking what are hers and sometimes even taking toys that aren't to bring back to her house, and i have told her to stop letting him bring home toys but she does it anyway. I don't know what to do to stop her but still let my kids have a re

  • 9Mother-In-Law problem.?

    I have a young son who is starting to get his teeth, but they haven't broken through yet. My mother in law, for some reason, feels the need to stick her fingers in his mouth to feel his how much he has progressed. She has also put her fingers in his diaper to "feel if he's wet" after i told her I just changed him! It irritates me so much I feel like dis-owning her but I feel like I shouldn't say anything because she had a motorcycle accident, and she is now going through surgery for breast cancer. I am his mother, if anyone needs to be sticking their fingers in his mouth, it's ME! She just seems to disregard anything I say, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. When my son was still inside me, she came with me to the doctor's office for the anatomy ultrasound. She made a comment about my son's penis comparing it to my nephew's saying my nephew's was bigger. Needs no comment. I've talked to my husband and he says "I don't know what to tell you". Any suggestions?? she's drivin me nutz

  • 10Problems with my mother...?

    I'm 25, and my mom is super uninterested in my two kids. She's never babysat for me, when she sees them, she says hi to them, but doesn't hug or kiss them. Even in desperate situations, like when my husband got into a car accident, and broke his hip, totalled our car, and I was 8 1/2 mo pregnant and I had to go to the ER for my husband, she still wouldn't watch my son, bc she "had to work"..... she owns her own business, it's something she totally could've postponed! She has never been there for me (well she used to when I was younger). She gets drunk several times a week, and puts me at the end of her list. Her business, and drinking is more important to her than everything else. So, how do I get to a point where I just grow up and stop "needing" her? I have a wonderful mother-in-law, who goes out of her way just to see her grandkids, who lights up when she sees them, and whose always there when we are in need. I have a great relationship with her, so why isn't that enough for me?

  • 11Is my mother that cruel?

    About 2 days I called my sister and she said her brother 15 years old , suffered a motorcycle accident and needs surgery . Well his family lives in the Philippines and she has been sending money to help his father is dead and her mother has had two heartattacks in the last year . She told me she was working all days and times of my brother been cut and will rest more days of working . She asked him to get a second job to help pay for the surgery and he refused. Now I was telling this to my mom and she went on a rant about how he should not have to pay for your family .... WTF ? I never said I had to pay for his family , but at least it should be decent enough to help ... I do not understand at all. She defends him no matter what he does , even when he hit her in the coke ... But really how can you defend someone who is so cruel as to let the brother of his wife sitting in a hospital with his leg bone stcking ?

  • 12Is it ok to hate your mother?

    Let me explain, my mother is never there for me, not when I graduated from college, not when I was in the hospital from a car accident. She claims she hates to drive. So now I have cut her off from me, but my other relatives say I'm wrong. I don't hate her, but I want her to see how it feels to have nobody when you're in need.