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QCollections agency collecting debt for company that no longer exists.?

My wife had a debt with a hospital that has closed and filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy . We have a collection agency trying to collect a debt from this bill . There is a phone number that appears on your credit report and the PO Box provided is not valid and the account continues to rise with interest . We have never received anything from this agency in the mail . We filed a dispute with Experian and returned as refused , but does not include any details . I will try to call the agency tomorrow from the number on the BBB site for information , because I do not think this was originally sent to insurance, causing a high bill . What steps do you take to resolve this?

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#1keleAnswered at 2013-02-21 00:40:11
If the collection agency bought the account , then owner of the debt and no matter if the company has debt is in Chapter 11. Credit reporting agencies are the first all in business to make money , and they make more money but accepting at face value any information that is reported by collection agencies . Experian is the worst by far of the 3 and sometimes you have to force them to validate information accurately .
#2I NEED HELP PLZ!!!Answered at 2013-03-05 15:50:26
If the hospital is no more sold your debt to a collection agency , the collection agency has the legal right to try to collect the debt. They also have the legal right to assess interest and the debt is not paid . That is the law . I do not know how long it has been since you obtained this debt , but if the hospital is no longer in business , which will now file a claim with your insurance company ? You must have this track the first time I knew the bill was not paid . Wait that long you can exclude any application for the insurance company would otherwise have offered . If the collection agency bought a legitimate debt , the credit reporting agency will not be removed from your credit report no matter what you do unless you can reach an agreement with the collection agency to remove account of debt . If you do, make sure you get the agreement in writing by collection agencies are known to tell a debtor any lie they can to get their money .
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Collections agency collecting debt for company that no longer exists.?

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