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No help from attorney? related questions

  • 1If I want to file bankruptcy in Florida how do I go about doing that w/o an attorney to save on attorney fees?

  • 2Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Car Accident Lawyer, Auto Accident Attorney Recommendations?

  • 3No help from attorney?

    My husband and I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2006 . We are currently having problems with the attorney representing us in bankruptcy. I wrote an e - mail , letter , and left a message on his voicemail. No calls . I am paying this lawyer without help when I need answers regarding my case . I sought help from the county bar association . They told me to file a complaint for negligence . In addition , to start looking for another lawyer , and fire it. I am a person who does not like to hurt people , not raise problems . Can anyone give me some advice . Thank you.

  • 4I was hit by another car. I hired an attorney at law.?

    Will you give me the same results as an accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer ?

  • 5What do I have to do to become bankruptcy attorney?

    I have bachelor of science degree in mathematics and I could not get any work since graduation . Due to my inability to get a job , I had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection . I realized the office of bankruptcy attorney was flooded with customers . There were about 37-40 people sitting in the office lobby to wait lawyer for consultation. The bankruptcy lawyer told me

  • 6What is a question to ask an Attorney?

    I have 10, and I have the name ( What's your name ? ) Not an option . This is for a class interview .

  • 7Need a Attorney Car accident?

    The insurance company is asking the other driver damaged car share . Accident occurred as he walked down the road with a green light on my side of the road . As he walked down the opposite side of the road to turn the car to the left of him. Resulting in me hitting them. Police arrived and reported that no -fault states , and to deal with the situation with the insurance company . At that time I had no insurance . So now the company wants money to the other driver 's car accident It happened in CA Can anyone guide me to a direction where to find a good lawyer ? Surfing the web I have been , but all I see is injury lawyer and did not know if it was the correct

  • 8Our Bankruptcy Attorney does not tell us anything!?

    My husband and I are filing Chapter 13. We call , leave messages , email and even write our lawyer and she never answered . Our meeting with creditors is soon , and we want to know what happens to us if we do not attend legally ? Our attorney was made aware that we had questions and wanted to file a dismissal . And never gave us .

  • 9What type of attorney do I need?

    My son three years ago had a motorcycle accident that left him a quad . Today a collection agency took their car handicap accessible our way because of a bill still owed her accident . I am a single mother who has been responsible for my son since his accident because he had the type of insurance at the time of his accident . My son is 32 years old and only ssi recevies his accident . I work full time jobs and can not take my son to the dr , therapy, etc. . Since I'm the main breadwinner in our home. The collection agency has refused any kind of payment plan that the company I owe the bill. I do not know why - it 's all anyone advise ?

  • 10Attorney problem?

    My husband and I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2006 . My lawyer had my husband change your tax deductions on your paycheck to make sure we were not going to get a refund . The bankruptcy attorney based on our payments higher tax subsidies . This tax allowance level does not give us enough to pay our federal taxes . Because this year will have to pay more than $ 4,000 in federal taxes . We are paying a lot of money to the trustee of nearly $ 350 weekly . That's over $ 1,500 a month to the bankruptcy court . I think paying our taxes is a necessity and should have looked at the amount paid in federal taxes . We just pay the bills now . I was working at the time of the bankruptcy filing , but suffered a back injury and can not work . My profession as a nursing assistant . I love to work , but no doctor would allow me to care for and transport patients with my back . Any advice ?

  • 11So, we hired an attorney, what happens next?

    Hubby and I were in a car accident. The other guy rear ended my car. Hubby was driving. Other guy took off. Cops found him. He was unlicensed and uninsured. The car belongs to his wife and she has car insurance. We hired an attorney to help us get $ to pay my medical bills. My neck was injured in the accident. We meet with the attorney Friday to sign some papers. Then what happens?

  • 12What to do if your attorney has retired?

    My Chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged on Dec 11, 2009 Yesterday i was just served by the HOA attorney. Today i called my attorney to let him know the situation and i can't get a hold of him and i think he probably retired. WHAT DO I DO NOW??????? Please help. Do i need to show up in court or called the HOA attorney to provide him a copy of the court discharged paper work? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.