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QWhy is so hard to find free legal assistance for bankruptcy?

I made the mistake of trying to pay my credit cards , as long as I can rather than stop paying two months before using the money to a bankruptcy attorney . I can not go back on that and my cards ar three months later and one is a lawyer and surrendered . I have no money , actually 2 months not even have money for rent , so I do not have money to pay more ( we paid a small fee for them for a while , but that did not satisfy them ) and have no money to file the chapter 7 . Call the numbers of legal assistance to Texas and do not handle bankruptcy more . Why do you have to be a murderer , undocumented , pederast , rapist , etc., to obtain legal aid in Texas ? Each private organization which concerned only deals with illegal real criminals ?

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#1DAVISHAAnswered at 2013-03-08 02:11:23
the new bankruptcy laws make it very very had to go bankrupt and you should take a class and pay part of its debt , even when it filed for bankruptcy .
#2abdul muqeetAnswered at 2014-04-08 23:09:09
Talk to credit counselors,they will put u on the right path.
#3TMAnswered at 2014-05-05 13:48:26
Because goods and services cost money. If not yours, then someone else's.

Why did you have a kid and rack up credit card debt if you can't make more than $600 a month? You made your own bed on this one, I can see why you wouldn't be offered State assistance.
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Why is so hard to find free legal assistance for bankruptcy?

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