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Does it matter when I claim an accident for an insurance claim? Can it be a month after the accident? related questions

  • 1Does it matter when I claim an accident for an insurance claim? Can it be a month after the accident?

    Does it matter if I can claim an accident by an insurance claim ? Could be a month after the accident ?

  • 2For car insurance rates, does the amount of the claim matter, or is it just that you had a claim?

    Wondering about how car insurance premiums work. I just got into an accident this morning. I rear-ended someone so it was my fault. When we file a claim to fix her car, is it worth it for me to get mine done as well? Or will getting mine fixed cause my premium to go up even more when its time to renew?

  • 3Car accident - injury realized after a month, can I still claim insurance?

    I had an accident over a month ago. I was rear ended when parked in a signal. I was in a Honda Civic and was hit by a woman driving an SUV . The impact was so great it was and hit another car in front of me and hit another car . However, I had no injury nor feel any pain and that's what I told the paramedics that day . Mrs. insurance took care of my car full cost and all was well . A couple of weeks ago ( after a month since the accident ) , I realized that I have a slight crunch when every time you turn the collar clockwise. Still do not have any pain , but I am concerned about the noise of my neck is doing . I have it checked with a doctor . If it be true what they need additional medical care , I can ? Your insurance claim even though it 's been over a month? How I can do ?

  • 4Auto insurance claim question. Does this matter?

    I recently got into a small accident and rear ended a car. My brakes were going out so I was at fault. However, when the officer requested insurance, the other driver said his insurance had expired the previous day. Can he still file a claim on me becaue he was not insured on that day.

  • 5Is it better to file a second insurance claim within a 3 month time frame or fix on my own?

    I ran into a cement blockade in a parking garage with my brand new Honda CRV (2 months old). I purchased it after getting in a fender bender with my previous car. 10 years of driving and these are my first accidents but regardless, this would mean 2 insurance claims within 3 months. The damage looks pretty bad, I may need a new passenger side front door. I am wondering if it is better to file another claim or get it fixed it on my own. I dont want to become un-insurable. I am thinking the cost to fix it will a couple thousand dollars. Any ideas out there?

  • 6If an insurance company denies your claim for an automobile accident how can you open a new claim?

  • 7Can I file a claim after +6 month of incident?

    My brother put his car in my car and left damage in my front bumper and hood . It's been six months since that happened and now I'm thinking of fixing it. would be too late to file a claim ? Besides that my brother has already sold his car .

  • 8Can I file a medical claim for my car accident even if I have a pending work comp claim?

    I hit a big rock in a bank entrance and took the impact edge . I broke the tie rod, axle , and the mechanic told me my knuckle not require replacement . Filed complaint with coinsurance . and the car was fixed at a mechanic that I chose . I drove around the block a few times when I recovered and was fine.The next day I drove down the highway driving then blocked removed . I turned around and went to my truck . I have bruises and scratches and chips of my comp bondo work injured tooth . I have children and I could have been in the car so that's why I'm upset ! I'm not sure if my workers' compensation claim will be affected if I file a claim for medical accident . I'm not sure if I should be looking for a lawyer or deal with insurance co myself. Please help !

  • 9In car accident, can someone claim bodily injury AFTER being denied initial repair claim? Can they sue after?

    I was in a car accident . We were at a stoplight. Accelerated when the light was about to change , I followed . However, he hit the brakes and rear-ended him . I had no damage to your vehicle (according to insurance ) , but my car has a hole where his engagement fell near my vent . He is now claiming personal injury , everyone is suggesting that it is a fraud ( insurance is implying that I do not think ) . If he refuses , can sue me personally ?

  • 10Got into car accident. my faul according to police. lady did not claim injuries on report. can she claim later?

    I was at a stop sign. pulled up a little to see if another car was coming. The crossing road was a 30mph zone. Out of no where this other car was coming down the road full speed (def above 30 mph). It was not going to hit me because i was not that far out. The other driver i guess thought it was going to hit me and it swerved its steering wheel and because of that she was able to hit my front on the side. She ripped off my entire bumper and right headlights. her car just had a dent on the front passenger side. She ended up stopping about a block away from where she hit me. Because i was at the stop sign the police said it was 100% my fault. The police asked if she was injured and she said no. My boyfriend spoke to her husband a day later and was claiming that the lady was "moaning and groaning". I have a suspended license. How much trouble am i in?

  • 11Can car insurance not pay accident claim because of .10bac? solo accident, no injuries or property damage.?

    single car accident, no injuries, no prop damage. snow/ice road conditions. police responded-no citations, no report. just towed car and that was it. went to hospital 5 hours later to make sure no traumatic brain injury, blood/urine tests showed .10BAC can the ins co deny my claim because of a few 'post accident' drinks? new york suff cty

  • 12Can a housewife claim loss of income in a car accident claim?