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QNeed Professional help on Forclosure in Minnesota?

divorced for 1 year . Refinaced house for my name . I thought I could make the payments, but I'm starting to struggle .. NO LATE BUT NOTHING AT ALL . I owe 240 intrest only loan , home worth about 220 ... Ex pays 450 per month over the next year and a half , then nothing after that ..

I'm looking for the best way out . I would walk into a house you can afford and my new girl can do to get my credit and everything that is not the greatest of my concerns , be completely debt free is ... I have about 750 creditscore now ...

If I should still forclose and money, I can declare bankruptcy at that point ? i earn less than the state maximum for Chapter 7 ...

How will this affect my credit rating in the long term and the ability to get credit again? ? ?

thanks so sorry ... I have a lot of questions ..


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Need Professional help on Forclosure in Minnesota?

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