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Need Professional help on Forclosure in Minnesota? related questions

  • 1Need Professional help on Forclosure in Minnesota?

    divorced for 1 year . Refinaced house for my name . I thought I could make the payments, but I'm starting to struggle .. NO LATE BUT NOTHING AT ALL . I owe 240 intrest only loan , home worth about 220 ... Ex pays 450 per month over the next year and a half , then nothing after that .. I'm looking for the best way out . I would walk into a house you can afford and my new girl can do to get my credit and everything that is not the greatest of my concerns , be completely debt free is ... I have about 750 creditscore now ... If I should still forclose and money, I can declare bankruptcy at that point ? i earn less than the state maximum for Chapter 7 ... How will this affect my credit rating in the long term and the ability to get credit again? ? ? thanks so sorry ... I have a lot of questions ..

  • 2Bankruptcy in Minnesota Questions?

    Recent events have left my husband and me with few options . I think we will have to declare bankruptcy and I'm leaning towards the chapter 7. My questions are: I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu in which still needs about $ 15,000. I would keep this car and continue making payments . Is that possible ? In addition , we have a house and a mobile home , my husband is currently using the trailer to stay in while working out of state , we can maintain that? and last but not least important, I can only file bankruptcy on my bills or do we have to submit as a couple? Thanks for your answers .

  • 3Minnesota driving state law?

    If you have your car parked in the driveway and someone has to turn around and hit the car and the person who hit your car has a person in the passenger seat can be that person to testify in court if you were a member family see the accident ? Please indicate the source

  • 4Minnesota staTE LAW OF CELL PHONE USE?

    car accidents involved or people being pulled over by the cops for cell phone use while driving?

  • 5In need of a professional lawyer.?

    My family are in need of a professional lawyer for a challenging case.A car crash happened to my family 3 years ago,although no death was occured.My dad claims that he had his neck injured at the incident.However he didn't tell the lawyers about another car accident that occured a very long time ago.About 6-5 years ago.That accident had also injured his neck.The doctors/lawyers are all suspecting that the 5 years ago car accident was the cause of the neck injury.However,my dad claims it had gotten worser,but no one believes him.Our lawyer had quit due to the last meeting that my dad didn't follow his orders.And now we will lose this case if we don't have a lawyer that will take this difficult case.Please,my family and I are in need of a lawyer who will accept this challenging case for free because we are poor.Thanks.

  • 6Car accident. Need Professional advise only

    I rear ended some Hispanic ladies . They had no license, but insurance seems to be valid , but it is possible. He stopped about 55 feet in front of a stop sign and there was no reason . After I hit the first thing I did was look out the car window to see if I hit a car coming too. Because the impact was very hard . Busted my radiator and everything and more that was probably my car (engine change ) . There was a truck stop sign that was 55 yards ahead and nothing else . My car had to be towed . I need professional advice . I do not care what the person just blew your mouth has to say . I have 17 years . I know that my insurance will go . But what is most likely to happen?

  • 7Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in minnesota, exemption question?

    Where I can find information about the exclusion of real estate in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • 8Do u think ive got a case for professional neglagence or is there just no point dragging this out any more?

    my partner of nine years died in a hit and run accident three years ago and left me with 3 little children.I signed a solictior to seek compensation for a few months in continuous later.i discovered and reported to my lawyer all the information needed to help my cas I even finished the paperwork and contact the companies to find the necessary information as my lawyer was taking so long to do , so I was under a conditional fee agreement which means all my solictior disbursments had to ie pay for police and medical records and was paid after he won the case the money is taken out of my allowance to cover the bills , but I found myself still paying for some disbursments out of my own pocket . I recently found out the person driving the car that killed my partner was insured so now I have no case .. i moved my solictior three years to find the details that took two years even contact an insurance company .. i know the driver involved insurance issued false documents , but it certainly should not have taken three years for him to find out should it? more after it was discovered my solictior recommended me to sue the driver personally and I would have to find rates 1700 the courts have no right to me that I have free tuition remission.there in my eyes has been so many plants in my case I'm seriously considering sueing my lawyer what do u think I have a case ? ? ? ? thank u for taking the time to read thisxxxxxxxx

  • 9I need professional help. i am broke an can not repay my student loans that are sky high? is there a way out?

    I need professional help . I am broke can not pay my student loans that are soaring ? Is there a way out?

  • 10I know someone who believes Clinton was a good president. Should I suggest professional help or just ignore?

    Serious answers please.

  • 11Forclosure on my property!!!!?

    I rent out land to someone who is currently purchasing their home. They have informed me that they are unable to maintain the mortgage due economic situations. I wouldn't mind having the house, but I don't know the best way about going about it. The owner defaulted on their bankruptcy and is leaving the house. Should I wait until it goes into foreclosure, or should I try and contact the mortgage company and try and work out a deal? NOTE: there are back taxes owed on the double wide mobile home. Please let me know what you think

  • 12Forclosure and/or bankruptcy help!?

    It is becoming too Difficult to continue to pay our $ 4.400 / mo mortgage . We can move into a rental That current info we have at less than half half our current mortgage . How can I initiate a foreclosure? I think we make too much to be eligible for Chapter 7 although we are upside down each month . Any advice would be appreciated .