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My ex &I had a joint credit card. She has since filed chapter 11 w/ the cc listed. Can I still be held liable related questions

  • 1My ex &I had a joint credit card. She has since filed chapter 11 w/ the cc listed. Can I still be held liable

    My ex girlfriend and I had a credit card with myself as the primary. She racked up a huge bill . She filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year with this credit card is listed as a creditor . I have not heard from the collection agency since. It is still on my credit report . I can dispute this ? Despite the bill the credit card is legitimate and may still try to charge me ? I have done many searches on what my rights , but I have not heard much about this specific topic .

  • 2How will my sons credit be affected by my chapter 13 bankruptcy because we have a joint credit card account?

    Unfortunately, my husband and I filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy today. My son has a JC Penney credit card and he asked for an additional card for me. I did not want JC Penney included in the bankruptcy since it is my sons account and it will continue to be paid. The lawyers office said since it was associated with my social security number and was on my credit report, they had to include it. They said I could keep making my payments and advised me to call JC Penney to let them know. I called and was told it is a joint account and when they receive the bankruptcy papers, the account will be closed. They said they did not know how it would affect my son's credit. My son has excellent credit. Will it affect my sons credit? Is there anything that I can do?

  • 3If a credit card company listed an account as charged off, what does that mean,what is the implication?

  • 4Are joint accounts required to be listed when filing for bankruptcy in Maryland?

    I am going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland and I have a joint credit card between myself and my son. What I would like to do is keep the credit card so I still have something for emergencies after I file bankruptcy. Do I have to list the joint account when filing bankruptcy? Because I would like to keep it open and keep making the payments as usual, and if I did list it could that effect my sons credit, even if he makes the payments, since he is joint on the account?

  • 5I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy my car is listed. how do i go about geting a new one.?

    I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy appears my car . How I can go about geting a new . ?

  • 6I recently filed Chapter 13 and I am wondering can I get a credit card while under my chapter 13?

    Some say I can and some say I can't I need to know because I was trying to get a credit card for 500 to rebuild my credit. Im in arkansas

  • 7Credit card garnished my wages, took one payment and I have filed for Chapter 7?

    this was two weeks ago , and now receives a freezing order NoN exempt Continuing Earnings .. But I introduced myself and the company was listed . Why send me Official court docs ? regards

  • 8Can I be held liable for damages?

    So I was working in a computer lab at my university with some friends (I am a student ofcourse). One of my friends had his external HardDrive on the table.When a few of us all were looking at one screen I accidentaly knocked over the hard drive behind me(It broke). This friends dad now wants to take me to court to pay for the data recovery + a new hard drive summing up to almost R6000(which i do not have in the first place). Am I liable for these costs?

  • 9Would I be held liable in this car accident?

    I was driving the speed limit on the highway . There was a big truck in front of me and totally blocked my view . I can not see any car in my lane except the back of the truck . Suddenly , the truck changed lanes without a signal, and I immediately saw two cars stopped in the road in front of me . No other cars in front of them . The distance is too short for me to stop. Then I hit the car in front of me and hit the car in front of him . Now my question is: is responsible in this car accident ? They said that in 90 % of cases , I would. But it will be so unfair to me because , apparently , you can not predict what will happen if I can see . Is there anything I can do to protect myself? Thank you. At the same time , I have to buy a new car in no time ...

  • 10Can I be held liable for nearly hitting a pedestrian in my car, who then fell down?

    I was leaving a small mall when I approached an intersection in the parking lot. A car to my left waved me through the intersection-- The sun was in my eyes and I was unable to see clearly in front of me, but took his wave to mean I was safe to proceed. As the sun passed out of my face I saw a woman and her 15-17 year old daughter. I immediately braked. The younger girl was fine, but her mother, who had a ton of junk in her hands and was wearing flip-flops was startled and fell backwards. I did not make contact with either of them with my car. I stopped to check if they were alright and offered to call an ambulance several times. The older woman asked for my information and I obliged to be courteous because I was shaken up and not interested in fighting with a woman whom I nearly hit with my car. She did not file a police report and claimed she was okay at the scene of the near-accident. Approximately an hour later she called my cell phone and left a message saying that her phone was broken in the fall and that I'd need to replace it. What was funny/strange about this is that this woman asked me to call her back on her broken cell phone, the same phone she was actively using to leave me a voice mail message. I chocked this up to her being litigious and trying to take advantage of my sympathy. Her personality and tone of voice both at the accident and on the phone seemed to suggest she was motivated by $$$ and not by any real need for a cell phone. Are there any lawyers out there that could comment on what the possibility of this woman pursuing legal action against me are? Both for the phone and any injuries she attempts to fake as a result? Thanks in advance.

  • 11Who will be held liable? What rule of law will Acme use to defend itself?

    Morris is a seller of Acme , Inc. , of Virginia , a manufacture of appliances . He receives a commission on sales made , and without additional compensation . He drives his own car , pay their own expenses , and asks whom he pleases. When I went to make a call to a potential client , negligent Morris hits Acme Hudson and Morris demanding .

  • 12If your unliscensed 16 year old niece lives in the house and is uninsured, who can be held liable?

    My niece of 16 years and his mother lives in my house . She does not have a liscence yet but yet the mother ( my sister ) Let the unit . Do not have much money and her mom have basic coverage . If she has an accident , they go after ?