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Has anyone used an online bankruptcy kit? related questions

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  • 6Has anyone used an online bankruptcy kit?

    for Chapter 7 ? I see them as advertised for 200 and they do all the paperwork for you , and give instructions throughout the process . The lawyers are charging as 700-1300 !

  • 7Has anyone had luck with filing bankruptcy with an online attorney, such as Bridgeport Bankruptcy?

    Credit counseling After Chapter 7 filing has been recommended since I am on disability and work only part -time . The problem is that lawyers have contacted want $ 1500 , 500 in advance before you send the paperwork . Obviously I have this. Legal aid is not available in my country or city in bankruptcy . ? I can get documentation on the secretariat of the courts and do it myself ?

  • 8Does anyone know of a way to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy online?

    Does anyone know of a way to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy online ?

  • 9Which online bankruptcy filing site is the best one to use?

    must file chapter 7, want to avoid the fee for lawyer. any suggestions

  • 10Are there any online lesson help sites for bankruptcy? I need it for school?

    I'm taking a class as part of my bankruptcy paralegal studies and can not find anything online to help with the lessons are still to prepare me for what to expect . Can anybody help ?

  • 11Online Bankruptcy document preparation service?

    My husband and I are desperate to declare bankruptcy . We have a charge on our bank account . We do not have the money to pay a lawyer $ 1000 for the service . I've heard of the document preparation services online , but we know that many of them are scams . Does anyone know of one that is legit honestly ? Please be honest . We have two young children and are desperate to present and make things right

  • 12Online Auto Financing Post Bankruptcy?

    We filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy , but we kept our truck and the loan of it. The payment is almost $ 500 a month and is paid at 12.75 % and gas mileage of 10mpg just can not allow . We need a lower payment