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I filed bankruptcy and my 341 meeting of the creditor is tomorrow.? related questions

  • 1I filed bankruptcy and my 341 meeting of the creditor is tomorrow.?

    I was able to file a Chapter 7 since I lost my job , no assets and meet the means test . What will happen?

  • 2Creditor wont stop garnishment after i filed bankruptcy...?

    I have a creditor who is garnishing 25% of my salary . I filed bankruptcy and faxed me information of it, and I asked him when he would send a letter of release to my employer. his response was

  • 3Creditor keeps reporting me to collection agency for non-payment even after i filed bankruptcy. Is it allowed?

    I had the bad luck of doing business with a very vicious, ruthless, and crooked creditor. He used every single tactic he could to get money out of me, but i kept resisting him. He placed over 67 calls a day using an automated voice. He then bombarded my email with demands to pay. he totally flooded my inbox with like 40,000 mails demanding payment. I told him i have bankruptcy lawyer and he responded using abuses, "no you don't, you bus turd" My bankruptcy lawyer contacted this creditor asking him to stop placing calls. Then this creditor sued me in court, KNOWING i have a bankruptcy lawyer. I physically had to go to court just to tell i have lawyer. His objective was to stress me out, by making me go to court because he knew it bankruptcy filing will discharge the debt. Then he again sued me in court of appeals, saying, "proof of bankruptcy still not shown". Second time my bankruptcy lawyer contacted court and his suit was thrown out. Then i filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, even after filing chapter 7 this vicious creditor keeps reporting to collection agency that i'm seriously delinquent. I checked my credit report and all other creditors whose debt was discharged no more contact the credit bureau. But this creditor alone keeps doing it out of pure vengeance.

  • 4Can I as a creditor file a property lien agaist a debtor that has just filed chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I can ? File as a creditor a lien agaist debtor's property just file Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • 5If a chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed and you forget to list a creditor, are they still "included"?

    I mean , as long as the debt was incurred prior to the filing date of the bankruptcy , is not covered in the bankruptcy .

  • 6Can add a creditor to My Chapter 13 six month after I filed?

    I filed Chapter 13 in October 7th add another creditor know that this is possible, If so how should I do ?

  • 7How to sue a creditor for violating the automactic stay after filed BK?

    A week after we filed BK Ford Credit sent repo guys to our house to take our vehicle. These guys were very aggressive, ignored the proof of the filing and threatened us. What kind of attorney handles this type of case and what would we sue for, violation of BK stay, UCC codes, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? Cops told us to let them take the vehicle and then sue in court.

  • 8Filed Chapter 7 in 2005, can creditor collect difference?

    My husband ( now ex ) and I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005 , and was discharged . We kept our vehicle , but not restated . In 2007 they divorced , I could not make the payments and did not want the car , so I called the finance company and told them to come get him . They did, and now they tell me I have to pay the difference of the sale . Can you do this in a high debt ? ? ? Any help is appreciated !

  • 9I have a bankruptcy meeting next week?

    I had a phone consultation and the attorney, he asked my total debts and assets I told him with my medical and credit cards i have about 15k in debt. He talked to me for a while about my house and cars and stuff and decided a Chapter 7 would be best. However when I got home and looked at all my bills I was actually 23k in debts. I have not called him back yet, we have a meeting for him to go over all my bills and start paperwork next week. Does this significant change in the amount of my debts affect my bankruptcy or ability to file chapter 7 ?

  • 10Is it usual for meeting with bank after bankruptcy?

    We have had the 341 meeting after filing Chapter 7 and it went okay but now I am told that the judge has ordered a meeting with the bank that holds mortgage on home that was reaffirmed and our lawyer and us of course because the court feels we are being charged too much interest. Is this usual and what can we expect? We have been reassured that our house is safe.

  • 11Do you have any tips for meeting with my lawyer to file Bankruptcy?

    I do not know if it will be a Chapter 7 or 13. I am very depressed about this situation , I had perfect credit all my life until a few months ago when my lender I threw the change without justifiable reason and put me directly in foreclosure : ( I have to take my income info etc. . 'm Confused because I wanted to start my lender sue for not doing my loan and BK disqualifies get a modification , but otherwise barred from the auction house . anyway , if you have any tips or questions to ask please let me know . Also , my mom said in the title of your home a few years ago , when she asked me to refinance your loan to my name and I had excellent credit . It's actually home , I'm just technically it until one day your credit is good enough to refinance your name and then she hands me the title . Does that seem to have assets and affect the BK ?

  • 12In chapter 7 Bankruptcy, what is the purpose of the meeting of creditors?

    When a creditor can not recover property that is not safe ?