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Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do about my credit? related questions

  • 1Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do about my credit?

    I filed for bankruptcy in November 2007 . I know my credit is bad because of that. How I can create a backup? Should I talk to a financial advisor or something ? I need some guidance luck with my finances . Any suggestions ?

  • 2Credit Counseling Recommendations...Lawyer, Maybe?

    I took out too many payday loans last year. I paid as many as I could, but now it's catching up with me. My wages have been garnished from one creditor, and the balance is almost paid off, but now I just received notice today that I'm about to be garnished again by another company. I'm in debt, but not enough to declare bankruptcy (at least I don't think so). I want to get this taken care of, but I've found out that payday loan companies are not very flexible. I'll never deal with them again. Should I get a lawyer involved? Can anyone recommend a good credit counseling company/service? Have you been in this situation, and if so, how did you handle it? ANY advice or encouragement would be very much appreciated! Thanx!

  • 3Any Recommendations for good books?

    I like most books, but I think I like a good mystery . Age group does not matter , books for young children . It would help if you could also give a brief description of the book as well. Whoever put most of the book titles and descriptions is more likely to get best answer !

  • 4Recommendations for a bank who gave out a loan?

    Sensor Circuits Company presented its financial statements Gould Bank to obtain financing for its planned new production . Gould Bank approves and sensor circuits for a loan of $ 3 million , after seeing that the financial statements of the sensor showed a substantial profit , while everyone else in the industry was operating at a loss. A Young audit manager

  • 5Recommendations for a Web design and branding agency

    I’m looking for an agency delivering web design and branding solutions for my organization. Any recommendations? Need it ASAP. 

  • 6Recommendations for a good personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC?

    I was recently injured in a car accident and am looking for an attorney to represent me. Who would you recommend and why?

  • 7Do credit card and car companies look at credit scores or credit report?

    I received a call from a collections company I ride my ambulance last year by a car accident that was in my insurance company had taken care of it , or so I thought. After receiving the call , I called my insurance company and came to discover that everything besides the copayment paid ( they told me it would also be paid as we have a low-income program through them ) anyway after I said they would pay for everything I did not follow up a receipt or anything so that's my fault on that. Anyway , the collections department told me I had to pay , and I told them I did not receive anything in the mail and I did not want to make my credit report , but they said that they sent the letter show that rather my fault you do not receive , and that is a curtiosy even send a bill because the law says you do not have to , it should be common sense that I owe money if I was in an ambulance and if I trusted my company insurance , then that's my fault .... I called my credit report company and was told that I can afford and most collectors have the ability to take off the full report ... but the place said no collections . The lady at my credit report company told me that even though she is not supposed to is .. tell me if I have to pay or not , will be on my credit card for seven years and I can not make my credit score . Of course it looks better what it says

  • 8Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Car Accident Lawyer, Auto Accident Attorney Recommendations?

  • 9If I file bankruptcy on one credit card how will it effect my credit score. other bills are paid?

    If I file bankruptcy on a credit card how will it affect my credit score . other bills are paid ?

  • 10Pensioner with bad credit rating and ex bankrupt looking to find credit, finance or personal loan.?

    Looking to find where I can get a credit card , personal loan financing or legitimate business.I m ' is difficult as I am a pensioner and have a bad credit rating.I did declare bankruptcy, but have now been discharged but have not been successful so far applications .

  • 11Negative items/accounts stay on your credit report for 7 years - but then what happens, you have good credit?

    So I have curious - what happens to your credit after all the negative elements cease to be reported ? Do you have to wipe the slate ? Sounds too good to be true . Also , meanwhile , does look better to potential lenders to see their collection accounts have been paid ? Even if you have gone to collection? I'm trying so hard to fix my credit and do not know where to start ! It's hard to do when you just do not have the funds available to pay it off only ! Any advice ? Can anyone tell me how this works?

  • 12Is there a legit Mortgage Lender that guarantees Financing for people with Bad credit,No credit,Bankruptcies?

    I am seeking a well known or legit Mortgage Company within the U.S. that will Finance and work with Married couple with Bad Credit, No Credit, Personal Bankruptcies, Previous Foreclosure. We were screwed before with a past Mortgage Co. that hit us with very high Interest rates and we never got ahead paying toward a home Mortgage,nothing was Ever applied to the house and just paying high interest. There is always some SCAM! On top of that, this Company wasn't legit and taking money from people. We researched with the BBB and contacted them. I can not find any Mortgage company or Bank that will give us Financing for the home we are living now. Financing $100,000.00+ We have the income and funds to cover monthly mortgage cost.down payment,etc., but there's always a catch! They always want every bit of info from your life and accounts. I'm tired of Mortgage Co.'s screwing the medium living people trying to own a home. We see advertisements and they charge a fee, do a credit/history check- take our money and say No, but yet they say- 100% they give financing to anyone with Bad No credit Bankruptcy,etc I'm tired of the bullshit with these Companies- half don't even exist and very frustrated!! Serious replies only please!