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QAny Laws on speed limits when an ice cream truck is around?

My 3 year old was in the ice cream truck with his uncle and then saw his friends and neighbors across that tried to follow , but he withdrew and escaped . As he ran across the street a lady came , hit him , and then his car overturned on mine . He was rushed to the hospital . He ended with a fractured skull , broken humerus , a little blood in his brain and bruises and scratches all over her face . I called my insurance and I told the lady said it was his fault , and that she was only going 10 mph . My question is is there a speed limit law when an ice cream truck is around ? And we would be able to sue ?

Ps : there were children as they cross the street and she hit him with her passenger side obiously means that you saw , and his car overturned meaning definitely going more than 10 mph when an ice cream truck was about of

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#1jward1970Answered at 2013-03-30 18:46:46
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Any Laws on speed limits when an ice cream truck is around?

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