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Any Laws on speed limits when an ice cream truck is around? related questions

  • 1Any Laws on speed limits when an ice cream truck is around?

    My 3 year old was in the ice cream truck with his uncle and then saw his friends and neighbors across that tried to follow , but he withdrew and escaped . As he ran across the street a lady came , hit him , and then his car overturned on mine . He was rushed to the hospital . He ended with a fractured skull , broken humerus , a little blood in his brain and bruises and scratches all over her face . I called my insurance and I told the lady said it was his fault , and that she was only going 10 mph . My question is is there a speed limit law when an ice cream truck is around ? And we would be able to sue ? Ps : there were children as they cross the street and she hit him with her passenger side obiously means that you saw , and his car overturned meaning definitely going more than 10 mph when an ice cream truck was about of

  • 2Florida speed laws?

    I was in Florida recently and noticed everyone goes about 85 downtown Orlando ... Is there really a law that has to go w / the flow of traffic or causes an accident? If so ... where I can find this information ? thx !

  • 3I was driving my Father in laws car. I was hit by another truck, my wife(his daughter) was in the car with me.?

    She was seriously injured and I may need back surgery in the future. Your insurance company must pay $ 100k per person med . Coverage for uninsured motor vehicle is $ 100k and $ 300k each person each accident . With respect to the coverage of insured motor vehicle within the limits of bodily injury , each person $ 100,000 and $ 300,000 each accident . Can my wife sue for $ 300k for pain and suffering if the insurance company does not have enough coverage ? My father seems to think that you are personally attacking pain and suffering . The $ 100 fee med is working for us , but then what are they insured under $ 300k for ? In a note to the woman who was driving I noticed your husbands work truck in a work capacity when we hit anything , your business is an LLC . Can I sue him or her or the company for which he shares causing the accident unrelated businesses registered the truck . ? Please experts only

  • 4Can my toddler sit in a car restraint in the front of a truck? by New Zealand safety laws?

    Can my child sit in a car seat in the front of a truck ? by the laws of New Zealand safety ?

  • 5I bought a used truck, and dealer did not disclose all information, I have a few questions about PA Laws?

    About 2 years ago, i bought a used truck from a used car dealer. At the time, the car fax stated it was in a minor accident (but has a clean title), and that it was bought from an auction. Tonight, I tried to trade it in, and they offered me substantially much less than what the truck was worth. They did so because there was serious frame damage. As the new dealer looked into it more, he found that the car was purchased from an auto auction, with known, and listed frame damage, even though it did not appear on the carfax. So the dealer I bought it from, never disclosed the frame damage to me. According to the PA DMV, HB# 767, a dealer must disclose ALL information of this car purchase. It was sold to me clean titled, no frame damaged truck. The dealer misrepresented the integrity of the frame by not telling me about the massive damage, even though they knew about it prior to selling to me. My question is, has anyone ever used the PA lemon law, and won? I have put a call into an attorney, but beings that it is Saturday, they are not open for business. thanks

  • 6I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My truck was already paid for at the time ..The truck was estimated at 5K. I agr?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy . My truck was already paid at the time .. The truck was estimated at 5 km. I agreed to keep the truck and pay 500.00 a month for 10 months. The payment is killing me . I can not do it any longer and I wonder if I can deliver my vehicle with no effect on the disposition of bankruptcy ? I have tried to contact the administrator . My lawyer has tried to contact the administrator .. No help . No response her.No answers . Nothing .. What I can do? I can not make this payment . Thanks so much .

  • 7If my truck was declared total loss, and Insurance agrees to pay, can I still keep the truck?

    I was in a car accident and my vehicle was totaled, my Insurance (Farmers) agreed to pay the value of my truck. But before they do, they sent me a package with papers I have to sign and date only "Power of attorney" and "affidavit of error". These papers gives them power to keep/do with the truck what ever they want. I want my payment but I also want to keep the truck, can I do so? Or they have to keep it in order for them to pay me?

  • 8Are their limits to filing for a 2nd bankruptcy? Can you file for Chap. 7 twice?

  • 9What are the income limits for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    What are the income limits for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • 10What is the extent of my liability for an auto accident when limits are exhausted?

    Accident occurred in Kentucky. Liability limits are 100/300 and claims may exceed limits. Except for personal residence and vehicle I have no other assets.

  • 11Does a insurance agent for the responsible party by law have to reveal policy limits?

    I was involved in a car accident where the other driver admitted fault at the scene to the police . It was a rather high speed accident . I can ? Know the policy limits of injuries to the insurance company ?

  • 12Auto accident - - I was found at fault and claims exceed my policy limits!?

    My car was heading south making a left heading eastbound. The vehicle I hit was heading north also making a left heading westbound. At the moment, the flow of traffic facing westbound was brought to a traffic halt, due to a red light at the intersection. While traffic remained stopped, I was inching along forward waiting for a safe opportunity to proceed east onto my direction of travel , the other vehicles on both sides to me facing westbound were completely stopped. While approaching my safe opportunity to merge east, the driver from the first vehicle on the inside (number one) lane who was stopped, was waiving at me granting me the path of right of way indicating that it was safe to proceed ahead. Prior to merging east with my vehicle, I noticed a large white vehicle also making a left hand turn heading west coming from the opposite direction from south. As I proceeded ahead, I was about 75% into executing my left turn when suddenly the large white SUV dashed across in front of my path making a last minute turn west. Before I realized, we were already both engaged in a auto collision. At that point, I felt very scared fearing that with my 2 year old child in the car, other vehicles in the opposite flow of traffic might also collide into me. During the accident I was able to immediately drive my vehicle off the road to a safe location where I parked on the northeast corner. I remained parked at that location for a while attending to my daughter who was very scared and crying hysterically. I then called my husband who came to meet me to attend to our daughter while I took the photos. I am found 100% at fault and my policy insurance limits have been reached. What do I do now? I'm scared to get sued by all the 3 parties. My insurance company has informed me that all 3 parties have retained attorneys and claiming bodily - soft tissue - injuries, which will exceed my policy limits. Help!