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QNon-licensed vehicles?

I have respect for all who have a job rather be hospital , factory, fast food, or whatever . I respect everyone whos there working for a living and not be there Fatass collecting unemployment or wellfare , but heres my b * tch

All vehicles on our highways and roads for licensure and cops have no problem busting your *** if the dishes are overdue . Now tell me where farmers drive there NO lisenced hell tractor , combine, and any farm equipment they have on our highways and road leading to long lines of traffic behind them waiting to happen causing a traffic jam waiting to happen an accident. These farmers do not pay for these tractors and combines and any license that does not pay a wheel tax , but yet get to use our highways and roads . I understand that they have to go from one field to another job to do there , I also I have to go from place A to place B to do my job , I can get to drive on motorways in a vehicle lisenced hell NO . These farmers could take the dirt road or gravel road to get to where you are going , it happens all the time when their is a diversion but they do it? HELL NO . Lead there freaking Hwy 20 miles per hour as it has . Pull your head *** and give your brain some oxygen . Farmers make Freakin secondary roads . That is what is created .

Paid leave in cars , trucks , vans , motorcycles and even scooters . If you want to drive on motorways then lets get a law passed must be paid for hways lisence to lower or stay the hell out of them.

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#1SfisoAnswered at 2013-03-18 03:37:09
a lot of agricultural tractors used a couple of times a year and rarely leave their own property
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Non-licensed vehicles?

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