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QShould I hire a lawyer for this situation?

So here 's the full story .
In 2009 I had a car accident , the lady had boned t going 5 over the speed limit, as I was leaving a gas station .
Long story short , I was stupidly uninsured at the time , and ended up having to pay for their losses . What was sent to a collection agency because of being stupid just 18 years ignored all warnings . So my liscene was suspended until I had to make payment arrangements with the collection agency . In 2010 , the debt was about $ 4,000 and payment arrangment was created . And I think in 2011 the lady who had beaten me more costs added to the debt . So I put a notice in the mail saying that the debt was now $ 12,000 . Mad , of course , 12,000 sounded reasonable for a car accident , so I continued to pay . And now , in late August , almost 14,000 more added

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#1HDIAnswered at 2012-12-21 08:20:20
Were the police involved ? In this case you should be able to obtain an accident report , you can run past a lawyer (probably for free ) . Or maybe there is a legal center that you can use for free technical advice . As the other driver was negligent apparently something (which is faster than the state had decided was safe in the very best weather conditions etc ) , that at least might be able to reduce the amount that is required to pay , due to contributory negligence . ( I'm English , but you probably have similar again in the United States. )
#2jankiAnswered at 2013-01-15 08:42:04
It's your fault not only because he had no insurance , but you pulled in front of her when she had the right of way , for what caused the accident . Have you seen any verification of all these bills ? Might be a good idea to consult a lawyer. That does not mean that you can help solve yet .
#3cheyanneAnswered at 2013-02-01 12:06:58
You owe this lady for his vehicle damage and injuries when YOU brought before her. ( SI) , bought car insurance , then your car insurance have been paid and would not be in this mess . The first banknotes were more likely to damage their vehicles . The amounts would addle for medical expenses and more likely your
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Should I hire a lawyer for this situation?

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