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QRear-ended a city bus is that different then hitting a regular vehicle?

So the same day they get car insurance and my first day always brings me back end of a city bus when I accidentally pressed the accelerator and the brake. I called my insurance company as soon as I could get to a phone. They took my information woman who said someone would call back . Its been about two days and no call . What are they going to ask and how long does it usually take to contact you ?

I can also get any other problems by hitting a vehicle owned by the City ? the accident was not bad and no one was injured . my car took all the damage . Since it was my fault that my insurance help pay for repairs ? Im assuming no , but I 'd ask .

Thanks to all in advance

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#1Andrea WilliamsAnswered at 2013-03-08 03:36:20
I seek legal advice to be on the safe side .
#2whaleAnswered at 2013-05-03 00:09:40
Actually, not much changes.

However, I hope that a number of people on the bus decided after his neck hurts and file an injury claim.

The biggest difference between hitting a bus and a normal car is that a city bus has more people ..... so there are more people to sue for injuries.

The insurance company will call you to confirm what happened and take pictures of your car. You might want to get a recorded interview about what happened too.

I would be surprised if they do not injury claims filed by any of the passengers on the bus.

If you have any kind of letter or attorney claiming to represent someone .... let your adjuster know immediately.

Very few cases become lawsuits or go to court. But someone getting a lawyer is quite common. So do not panic if you get a letter .... just let your adjuster know.

As for seeking legal advice: you can do that if you want .... but there is nothing a lawyer can do and it will cost about 350 per hour
The best person to continue the adjuster is handling your claim. If you do not hear them a few days ... pick up the phone you can call them. Sometimes settings get bad phone numbers when a claim is turned in. Sometimes we just have a lot to do and we have not been able to get a hold of you. Not bad for you to call us. If you get voice mail, leave your name, telephone number (with area code) and the claim number. Be sure to speak clearly and say the numbers slowly enough that the controller can write them down as you say.

If a lawsuit is filed, your insurance company hires and pays a lawyer to defend you. But that's a long way out and nothing to be nervous at this time. If the regulator believes a lawsuit can be filed, it will give you a heads up.
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Rear-ended a city bus is that different then hitting a regular vehicle?

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