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Rear-ended a city bus is that different then hitting a regular vehicle? related questions

  • 1Rear-ended a city bus is that different then hitting a regular vehicle?

    So the same day they get car insurance and my first day always brings me back end of a city bus when I accidentally pressed the accelerator and the brake. I called my insurance company as soon as I could get to a phone. They took my information woman who said someone would call back . Its been about two days and no call . What are they going to ask and how long does it usually take to contact you ? I can also get any other problems by hitting a vehicle owned by the City ? the accident was not bad and no one was injured . my car took all the damage . Since it was my fault that my insurance help pay for repairs ? Im assuming no , but I 'd ask . Thanks to all in advance

  • 2I rear-ended someone... will my insurance find out even if i dont tell them? the person i rear ended told...?

    I rear-ended someone... will my insurance find out even if i don't notify them of the accident? The person I rear-ended agreed to settle everything without notifying my insurance provider, but their car insurance (AAA) knows about this and is taking care of the claim for them. They told their AAA agent not to let my insurance know about the collision and their agent agreed not to tell my insurance company about the accident. How likely is it that my insurance still finds out about this and raises my rates, even after i pay for all the damages out of my own pocket? I'm worried I'm going to be paying for all the repairs (about $1700) and still have to pay higher rates for my insurance? I'm 18 and just got my license so my rates would be raised by a lot.. I'm worried. Help please, Thanks.

  • 3Whose insurnace should I make a claim with? Car that rear-ended me or the car that rear ended him into me?

    I was in a car accident 3 car . At the time of the accident no exchanges information. But there is a police report with our information . My insurance policy was canceled at the time .

  • 4Can you be charged for a crime for hitting a Dog with your vehicle?

    i have a friend that hit a dog by accident while going to work, his owner didnt have the dog on a leash and the dog ran out onto the road there was no way to avoid it. my friend didnt stop because he was late for an important meeting. can you he be charged for anything? he also didnt stop because he felt there was nothing he could do. he is sure the dog was killed instanteously

  • 5I rear-ended someone - help!?

  • 6I was rear-ended. What can I do?

    I just finished reading today ( in California FYI ) . The other driver admitted fault. We exchanged information . The damage was minor , but the defense has visible damage and there is a very slim , but the chances of that may be a little loose . I also got a little strain on the neck (perhaps ) 1 hour after the accident , and it feels good , but I still feel minor discomfort now (though still working fine for now ) . My question is , how many of the topics below, am I eligible to apply for the insurance company of the other ? 1. Any medical checkup ? (I just want to make sure I'm okay ... 2. Repair the damage ? 3. Rent a car in repair and maintenance ? You really need a car for my job . 4. I do not hear anything , but some people also receive

  • 7Why should i pay when i got rear ended?

    3 car acident third car hit and run. Second car has insurance , but they will pay the total cost 0 . Insurance claims tht it was not his fault cliants . Why are car insurance afried 51 support and why ? I always thought I would never get to be responsible behind .

  • 8New car, rear ended and no gap insurance?

    I bought a 2009 camry a year ago. I was recently rear ended. The other persons insurance company is going to pay off the car. If they don't pay for the total price of the car can I sue the person or insurance company for the balance?

  • 9I was rear-ended and need help on what to do legally.?

    I am very shocked b / c the person who hit me from behind did not survive . I went to the hospital

  • 10I was rear ended two days ago?

    Soo .. Here I am again with another problem . I live in Florida . On Tuesday during rush hour , standing on one of the two lanes going straight . I looked in the mirror , he saw a gold car in the lane for the second time , so I waited for them to leave. I looked and saw a deal that was awhiles away and went into the other lane . Like 10 seconds later , I hear the pauses (for maybe a second tops ) squeaky and look in the rearview mirror and see the Accord hit in the back of my Civic. Now , the light was still red ! Well , I leave my car and my rear bumper assembly is roughly divided in half and hung on my car . Your bumper fell off , but it really was not dented , just got back . So .. had a cop behind the Agreement and made sure we were well and blah blah blah . I have the ticket! ****** I got a ticket for

  • 11I rear ended a car and help me figure it out?

  • 12Car Insurance and Rear-ended?

    Around a week ago, I was rear-ended. At the time that I was rear-ended, I was commuting to work. The girl who rear-ended me was on a cell phone. I was completely stopped when she ran into my car going around 40 mph. My car was damaged externally and internally. Externally, the bumper and the passenger-side panel have to be replaced. Internally, the fuel pump was broken due to the impact (the fuel pump was working before the accident, but not after the accident). Her insurance company will not cover the damage to the fuel pump because they say that they cannot determine that it was caused by the accident (this particular insurance company is notorious for not paying claims...). How do I convince the insurance company to pay for the fuel pump since the accident clearly caused the problem? I'd rather not file a law suit, but will if it is the only option...