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QCar insurance question...long question(best answer gets 10pts)?

ill give you some background first:
I got into a car accident. what happened was that I was turning left at a grocery store (this happened in a small side street, not at an intersection) was a 2-way street, so it is expected of vehicles in the lane to come to so I could go back. I finally had happened, so he proceeded to do my duty. the man behind me decided to be impatient and go for my left (in the next lane). therefore, when I turned, I became one side of his truck. I had a hole just above his head right light. every door left driver's side of my car is dented in. so we changed insurance information and went our separate ways. There was also a witness who saw all this and gave us his number if we needed anything.

so I made a claim with my insurance company and when I got home. told everyone what happened and that was it. the other involved completely diferent told a story, claiming that I was drawn to a right side of the road, I had my left signal, and suddenly took on his car. because stories differ, they called the lady who had witnessed this on your statement of what happened. she told me not pulled to the right of the raod as he said, and I was in the turning lane on the left doing, when he entered the lane coming to pass around. when asked if my signal lsft had been told she could not say whether it was because of where she was, his view was blocked.

so my insurance company concluded that because you can not fully verify my left signal was on or not, and because he came into the on coming traffic lane illegally go around me that the accident was 35% my fault and 65% of their guilt, so I am to pay 35% of the cost of repairing the damage, and he is to pay 65% ​​of what it costs to fix mine. although I know that it was all his fault, I realize that this is as fair as my insurance company was going to get, since they did not see what happened, they have to be objective about it. so this is a fair conclusion.

so my adjuster from my insurance company has been trying to call the adjuster for him, who have not returned their calls or voicmails. I've been doing the same and have not gotten any results. meanwhile, we paid 35% of the damage of my policy to fix his truck, meanwhile my door is still in bad shape, and we are avoiding.

Now that you have the background, here are my questions:
1. Is it legal for an insurance company to avoid both mine and my adjuster calls and messages?
2. to accept 35% of the cost to repair damage to his truck to my policy, does that mean I agree with the agreement 35/65 that my insurance company proposed to them? if so, not requiring them to pay 65% ​​of the damage to my car?

anyone who has worked for an insurance company and has extensive knowledge of such things would really help. thanks again, I know it is a very long question to read and I appreciate your help ... no 10 pts for the best person to answer my two questions regarding this situation.

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Additional details
and in a footnote:
no, the cops were not called, so no one was cited for it. I really should have called the police, I kick your a $ $ for not calling. that's what I tend to think that people are honest. I do not think he would lie, but I've definitely learned my lesson the hard way.

and no I'm not going to get a lawyer for this because the cost of lawyer would cost more than the actual damage to my car, so it would be a waste of time and money.

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#1SADE BATESAnswered at 2012-12-23 23:06:07
In my experience is in the best interests of the insurance companies to have as much money as possible from people , and pay the least possible return. So we will try our best to avoid paying what they should - they have teams of people working on this, and ultimately your income . However, the laws do again , and they know it , so my advice is just to keep nagging them , if you are not satisfied with the way they are treated sure to let them know this. Argue again that it was not his fault and that the other person and proof of having given false information . no doubt this helps to deny any claim that he did, and that should take your benefit of the doubt over his. Get mad and shirty with them if necessary . It's his money and his car and it was not your fault. So stand your ground. If happily bend to them , will force it takes to make a *****
#2Valentine\'s SweetheartAnswered at 2014-03-11 10:19:31
s. Also stupid.
3.Yes, it's legal for them to avoid the calls. They may just be looking at the claim some more. Do you answer every phone call you get? No, you don't.
4. Whether they are obligated to pay or not, doesn't mean they have to pay right now. Could take months.
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Car insurance question...long question(best answer gets 10pts)?

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