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Car insurance question...long question(best answer gets 10pts)? related questions

  • 1Car insurance question...long question(best answer gets 10pts)?

    ill give you some background first: I got into a car accident. what happened was that I was turning left at a grocery store (this happened in a small side street, not at an intersection) was a 2-way street, so it is expected of vehicles in the lane to come to so I could go back. I finally had happened, so he proceeded to do my duty. the man behind me decided to be impatient and go for my left (in the next lane). therefore, when I turned, I became one side of his truck. I had a hole just above his head right light. every door left driver's side of my car is dented in. so we changed insurance information and went our separate ways. There was also a witness who saw all this and gave us his number if we needed anything. so I made a claim with my insurance company and when I got home. told everyone what happened and that was it. the other involved completely diferent told a story, claiming that I was drawn to a right side of the road, I had my left signal, and suddenly took on his car. because stories differ, they called the lady who had witnessed this on your statement of what happened. she told me not pulled to the right of the raod as he said, and I was in the turning lane on the left doing, when he entered the lane coming to pass around. when asked if my signal lsft had been told she could not say whether it was because of where she was, his view was blocked. so my insurance company concluded that because you can not fully verify my left signal was on or not, and because he came into the on coming traffic lane illegally go around me that the accident was 35% my fault and 65% of their guilt, so I am to pay 35% of the cost of repairing the damage, and he is to pay 65% ​​of what it costs to fix mine. although I know that it was all his fault, I realize that this is as fair as my insurance company was going to get, since they did not see what happened, they have to be objective about it. so this is a fair conclusion. so my adjuster from my insurance company has been trying to call the adjuster for him, who have not returned their calls or voicmails. I've been doing the same and have not gotten any results. meanwhile, we paid 35% of the damage of my policy to fix his truck, meanwhile my door is still in bad shape, and we are avoiding. Now that you have the background, here are my questions: 1. Is it legal for an insurance company to avoid both mine and my adjuster calls and messages? 2. to accept 35% of the cost to repair damage to his truck to my policy, does that mean I agree with the agreement 35/65 that my insurance company proposed to them? if so, not requiring them to pay 65% ​​of the damage to my car? anyone who has worked for an insurance company and has extensive knowledge of such things would really help. thanks again, I know it is a very long question to read and I appreciate your help ... no 10 pts for the best person to answer my two questions regarding this situation. 4 hours ago -. 4 days left to answer Additional details and in a footnote: no, the cops were not called, so no one was cited for it. I really should have called the police, I kick your a $ $ for not calling. that's what I tend to think that people are honest. I do not think he would lie, but I've definitely learned my lesson the hard way. and no I'm not going to get a lawyer for this because the cost of lawyer would cost more than the actual damage to my car, so it would be a waste of time and money.

  • 2Any car insurance adjusters out there that can answer my question?

    I was in a major car accident a few months back and me and the other driver have the same insurance company. I have been waiting for the to determine fault. The police report was available July 19th and blames the other driver. I have now got a lawyer who put in a formal claim and haven't heard anything as of yet. I recieved in the mail today a HIPAA compliant form and lost wage form. DOes this mean they have determined fault or are close to it? Thanks

  • 3Can you answer a question about car insurance claims?

    I got into an accident just before Thanksgiving damaging my passenger side . A truck flew out of a parking lot and struck me . Then I got into another car accident tonight. A man of 70 years old ,

  • 4Homeowner insurance fire question? Any answer welcome.?

    Hi, I wrote before but did not have enough info from the home owners company, now I do. I owe 2 mortgages plus a lien on my house which burned down 3 months ago. The first mortgage is for 89,000, the second (equity line maxed out) for 117,000 plus a lien for utilities of 8,000. My house before fire was valued at 259,000. The insurance came up with a figure they will pay of 135,000 and change as actual cash value to rebuild. They hold back 53,000 more which they pay for value after the 135,000 dolllars of work has been done. The ist mortgage company will be sent the check. What happens if i do not want to rebuild the house, vs if I do? I am not a loser , I am a senior citizen who due to the last 5 years having income loss, sick family members and my own illness cannot pay for this house, can not afford the mortgage. I dont know what will happen or what my first move should be. Any one out there experienced with this type of situation, and who has the final word about what happens to this house .(my aim is not to live in it again, I know I cannot afford to. I was getting it ready to sell when the refrigerator caused the fire (accidental fire, house destroyed except for the studs.) thank you for any insight. I wrote before but did not have the complete info on the pay off., now I do. I am not trying, nor do I expect to, make any money on this. I would just like to be done with it asap. I would declare bankruptcy except that I will get a little money for my contents which I need as I dont even have a bed to sleep on now. Everything I owned was destroyed. Wouldnt a bankruptcy have to take that too? I then would be indigent with nothing. Just dont know what to do, this is keeping me from sleeping at night. Ps I am a senior citizen so dont expect an increase in personal income. Thank you. Bless you for any answer or insight.

  • 5Quick question car insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 points for best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    What does this mean ? I got into a car accident and my insurance sent me this e- mail . What there is no deductible on this application means ? ! thank you!

  • 6People knowledgeable of car accidents and insurance, laws, etc., please answer this question.?

    I was driving a friend of mine's vehicle (with permission). I hit a tree that had fallen in the road that was totally unavoidable because it was right over the top of a hill. ( I know technically it's still my fault.) Anyway, I had a passenger with me and his hip was knocked out of socket. My friends truck was in bankruptcy and had insurance through the bankruptcy but the coverage was only comprehensive and collision. The truck got paid off, but the passenger's mother is wanting to sue her insurance for medical coverage, in which there was none. She filed an uninsured motorist claim on her insurance and I think they are wanting to sue me. I work for an attorney who told me they should go after the owner of the vehicle who should have supplemented her bankruptcy insurance policy with liability because technically she was not covered, and I did not know this when she lent me the vehicle. She only told me she had insurance, so I figured she was covered. Any advice is appreciated.

  • 7I need help on answer this question!?

    Pre-Test -------------------------------------- ... Student work from this activity will be entered in the Grade Tracker. About the Grade Tracker ... This activity consists of 25 questions. By voting for a political candidate who is participating in nonpartisan democracy. parliamentary democracy. representative democracy. direct democracy. party democracy. In the U.S. federal system, power is divided between different levels of government. Which of the following institutions is normally responsible for coordinating public safety and medical transport if you are injured in a car accident? The private sector Interest groups Local Government national government State government Under the Constitution, the states are responsible for overseeing the election process. Which of the following groups can legally prevent states from voting in parliamentary elections? Naturalized U.S. citizens Active members of the USDA Agricultural Research of the Armed Forces The very old people in nursing homes U.S. citizens living and working in another country People who are not registered to vote Who in the American system of government could use as a last resort, if you believe that your school rules of student conduct violating his freedom of speech rights under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? A member of Congress A state legislator from The judicial system President A member of the city council or town According to the Declaration of Independence, which source is our national government derive their powers? The national government The Executive Branch The legislature People The states Public goods are resources that are accessible to all members of a political community and does not decrease when used. Which of the following is NOT an example of how you can benefit from a public good provided by the state or local government? You drive down a road that has been laid out by the local government. You put money in a meter that allows you to park your car on a busy city street. A management system sirens County warns you that a tornado has been sighted. A state-operated lighthouse helps you navigate your boat back to shore. You go to a picnic and a bike ride in a park in the city or town. Which of the following practices in American politics reflects the desire for majority rule in regard to public policy? The publication of voting results The campaign finance system Party leadership meetings Primary elections Behind the scenes lobbying Theories of political elite suggest that powerful political and economic elites dominate public policy. Which of the following aspects of U.S. policy often leads to the views of ordinary citizens is ignored? Motor Voter rules that make it easier for people to register to vote in elections Campaign finance laws that allow politicians to receive donations from the industries they regulate The use of public opinion polls to predict which candidate will win an election Using census to determine how many representatives each state receive at Casa Term limits that require regular rotation in office statewide elected officials An exchange student says that in his country, political power is concentrated in one party, and not allowed many opportunities to participate in their government. What kind of government does your country? A socialist regime An oligarchy A totalitarian system An indirect democracy A parliamentary system Social capital refers to the social and political resources that are obtained from the interaction with people in our community. Which of the following activities would be unlikely to increase social capital? Go to a neighborhood block party Attend a political meeting Work in a soup kitchen View TV news programs at home Attending religious services Which of the following groups in our society have no right to vote in the United States? Born abroad who have become naturalized citizens U.S. citizens living and working abroad Military servicemen and women who were born in the UN

  • 8Do You Know The Answer To This Question?

    Referring to the case below, no jail for the man who almost killed him, explain what is meant by a suspended sentence ? Why might the community at large to see a suspended sentence as a minor penalty ? A recovering alcoholic who plows his car into six pedestrians almost kill a man - has avoided a jail term of . George Graham Davies , 62, of West Lakes Shore , yesterday left the district court with a suspended sentence. Although he admitted seriously injuring six people for the way certain drug and drunken driving in 2005 , the court ruled in his age and good prospects for rehabilitation justifies his release . Outside the courtroom , 79-year- old Brian Corrigan - who had to be pulled from under car after the accident Davies - said the sentence was "a surprise . 'm Thankful that it's over now , it has been justice done . "

  • 9Car wreck question!!!! please answer!!!!?

    If you get into a car accident and the other person 's fault , and your insurance will cover the damages, in the event that even your insurance company about the accident or not.

  • 10Common Law~help me to answer the question....?

    You have a friend who is planning to start in business as a hairdresser . She has great experience and presence found . She asks his advice on the matter . 1. Why is being forced to hire employees and liability insurance ?

  • 11Is there an attorney that can answer my question?

    Currently I'm in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy . I would like to convert to 7 if possible. Can you turn over and keep the house , the car and the furniture you are paying on the 13th. Also paying a small amount of the taxes , and a house payment at 13 . Do you think I can make more ?

  • 12Question about car financing. Please answer?

    This is my situation . I bought a new car and after a few months I was having an accident that was not my fault. My car was beaten very badly and went to the store five times before it was fixed as the date is still not working properly . Anyway, I hurt a lot . At the time I was working as a contractor for an employment agency . I ended up having to be out of work for over a month. It should have been longer, but I must again because I do not pay for any of the days off . So I went a month and two weeks without pay . As soon as I returned to work a week later I lost my job . All my accounts were behind and I was late on my car note . It took me about three months to find a job. I was with several temporary agencies , here and there just to try to get some income , but nothing full time , as it was not available . And I also had to go to therapy and a chiropractor . Ok , so my case is now going into liquidation. I have still yet to pay on my own, but I was wondering if it is possible to draw up an agreement and have you sign my law office , so that is going to give the company to finance 50 % of my money to my loan agreement car and begin to resume monthly payments that will not recover the car . Now I have accumulated a fair payment because I just started a full time job earlier this month. I have no more than that because I pay rent. Thanks in advance for your answers .