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QOkay... i was recently in a car accident?

and I was the passenger and the driver has insurance farmers ... Am I covered ? How I can know if my injuries will be paid by your insurance company ?

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#1priyankaAnswered at 2013-04-18 22:44:27
Yes , if you have full coverage and not just LIABILITY you should be covered.
You have to talk to the INS . company to yourself like you're part of the claim.
If she has full coverage, your medical expenses will be paid to any amount of coverage carried .
Get your policy # and call yourself .... If she is not being helpful .
#2 집합 가산명사 Answered at 2013-05-17 07:29:25
Who was at fault ? You decide the insurance will pay .
#3AnonymousAnswered at 2014-04-20 19:38:36
get her to ask her insurance company. Hope it goes ok.
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Okay... i was recently in a car accident?

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