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I lower my car insurance deductible a week ago, would the insurance company accept my claim today? related questions

  • 1I lower my car insurance deductible a week ago, would the insurance company accept my claim today?

    Due to the bad snowy weather that has recently lower my car deductible from $ 1,000 to $ 250. My car just sliped today and hit a curve . I took it to get it checked , and the store told me it would be about $ 3000 to get the fix car. Will my insurance company seems to lower my deductible after the incident ? Do you cover damage ? Should I wait before trying to submit the claim ?

  • 2Do i have to accept insurance company decision to right off my car?

    there was a lump on the back my insurance said his guilt immediately . It is a good car and I know I can buy it back but why should I go through all the work inconvienience paper etc. . I want to keep that car had few years and has looked ita after.An estimate they gave me was 23 pounds more than the value of the car . Do I have any rights .


    I was in an accident , the other vehicle was totally guilty . I called his insurance company ( Risk Services North America ) and were told that because the driver was not on the insurance policy shall not be responsible and will not pay a penny for my vehicle destroyed. The company is headquartered in Florida , the accident took place in New York , I am a resident of New Jersey .... I talked to a lawyer who said I should write to the insurance company by threatening to inform the Insurance Department of the State of New York . Anyone want to help with some advice if you've been through this before , or know the laws .... Thank you so much!


    I had an accident that was not my fault. They totaled my car and I took an offer from my own insurance because other part did not offer me much. Well because of that I had to pay my deductible. I contacted at fault insurance and asked them to send me back my deductible to me directly. But looks like they did not like it. I need that money back as soon as possible so I can use it towards my new auto purchase. Please help . Thank you

  • 5Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • 6Is it fraud to accept say $750 from an insurance company to fix a car and then bank the money?

    I wondered why many people do this all the time. However, it does not seem right .

  • 7Can I accept accept a settlement from an insurance co. and sue the person responible for the rest?

    Two of my cars that hit while parked at his home by a drunk driver and co -insurance. only has $ 5,000 to spend on this accident my car was decleared a total loss and I am waiting to hear of a stroke adjuster . My car is worth according to KBB , Edmunds and NADA at least $ 4500 my husband car will have $ 1,600 to fix . If no settlement that Losse accept my right to sue her?

  • 8Is the insurance company responsible for the lower value of my car after accident repair?

    I had an accident that was 100% the other parties fault. His insurance co. is paying for repairs (over $9000), plus a rental for me. However the value of my car will be a good $5000. less if I want to sell or trade it than it would have been before the accident. Shouldn't the insurance company reimburse me for that loss? Are they legally obligated for that also?

  • 9Can I claim my auto insurance deductible on my taxes?

    I was in a car accident earlier this year. They beat me and then took off so I had to pay my deductible out of pocket. I can say that in my tax return ?

  • 10Can I still an accident insurance claim, even if I have dropped the insurance company?

    My wife was involved in a bit of a fight in a fender bender two months ago . He put in a claim with our insurance company and an adjuster was sent . We were notified by the claims dept 2 options . We can keep the claim open for 6 months , until we decide if we want to manage by ourselves or through them . It also explains the side of the car that wrecked remain

  • 11Will my non-current car insurance cover claim by another insurance company?

    We apologize for the previous question , but of course this is my situation : - 5 months ago I was involved in a car accident . I was guilty , paid my excess , the car was fixed and settled claims / closed . - . Now I have received a letter in the mail from the insurance company of the car hit me trying to claim damages caused by me or my insurer - . Since the claim has been resolved / closed this I have no car, so therefore I'm not a car insurance company My question is : Will my insurance company ( at the time of the accident , NRMA ) to take care of this for me in regard to the claim that occurred five months ago ? I usually assume "yes " but when the insurance company of the car hit me said they tried to call my insurance company NRMA , were unable to keep the case open , because my car was not up to your system . I hope this is because I am not insured with them anymore , but I'm waiting for something to do with the statement still holds true . Any help is appreciated !

  • 12Does a claim on my personal insurance affect my company car insurance?

    Are you affected ? Or will the payments and taxes remain the same ? Cheers