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QWho is at fault in this bike/car accident in WA?

A little over a month my boyfriend and I were involved in a motorcycle accident / car. MY BF was driving and came to a man on a motorcycle . We were entering an occupied blind intersection after stopping at a stop sign . The guy who would hit the wrong way and not wearing a helmet . The man refused to involve the police because she was wearing a helmet , which I belive is the state law . Both the car and the motorcycle were damaged. My boyfriend offered to pay for the bike , but the man gave him a ridiculous figure that is more than the bike was even worth . It turns out that instead of just fixing the folded edge (our fault ) had his bike every service . New tires , brakes , everything. Now he is threatening our safety and our property . So my questions are

1) Who is technically at fault here ? The driver and the rider ? Meaning of the law considered in fault

2) Do we have a moral obligation to pay your bicycle , now that we are threatened and that he was going against the traffic (which is against the law ) . Note : It has threatened both my son and I now . We happened to be passengers at the time of the accident .

3) If we have to pay for anything, that would be admitting fault? Besides, what would prevent him from milking this thing and ask for more?

4) At this point we need to involve the police ? It threatened , but did not know what reasons has . It has also threatened to take my boyfriend to small claims court . Is it too late to involve the police and if not, what would be able to do? We saved voiemails their threats and have taken on the property near the car .

5) in case you have to pay for the damage to the vehicle if , in fact , proved to be at fault?

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#1radix elementaryAnswered at 2014-02-24 00:50:12
depending where you live it may be different but in canada the motorist always yeilds to the pedestrian even on a bike (i believe you mean he was on a peddle bike?) if a motor bike than he would be at fault for going the wrong way other wise you would be at fualt best thing to do is involve the police they will see to it that you are treated fairly
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Who is at fault in this bike/car accident in WA?

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