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Have you read the book a walk two moons? related questions

  • 1Have you read the book a walk two moons?

    if you can give me a summary ? thx ! PD is not for a report, you just read in school and were not allowed to read ahead and let me know what happens!

  • 2Which book do you think that I should read?

    I can not really decide what book to get to Borders . I can only get two of them . I've asked my mother for all of them , but I can not . ( Real problem ... ) Anyway , what do you think sounds best . I have sixteen and I love reading . Well as it seems by Courtney Summers - When

  • 3I need an excellent book to read?

    A novel with adult content . Please , oh please , no teeny bopper books . I have nothing against them i just need to read at least one post that does not refer to vampires or werewolves or both . Better yet , could you list some of his favorites , along with a description . Thank you !

  • 4What book series should I read now?

    I read Twilight The Clique Series Cirque Du Freak Series Harry Potter Series Vampire Academy Series And I tried to read House Of Night , but idk , I could not keep my attention What other series should I see? Or one book.

  • 5I am trying to find a book I read a long time ago?

    It would be in young readers 9-12 who believe . It's about a girl who lives five years of age in the late 1800s or early 1900s she has two older brothers and a sister eight years . I think there's a baby in the story too. I think his name is Rebecca , but I can not be sure. I think the cover is a little girl in a blue dress and blue book is on the outer edge . I read this book when I was 11 . Now I have 25 , so I do not remember much , but I love to find .

  • 6Do you think Obama has ever read the Book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, I just finished it last week?

    It was 1168 pages took me two weeks to get through it , easly the best book I've read, my wife is reading , the book seems to reflect what is really going on current Government , especially the Obama administration . Here is a quick summary of the book of The Wall Street Journal. ( WSJ ) article Ayn Rand , who had come to America from Soviet Russia with surprising insights into totalitarianism and the destruction of socialism , was already a celebrity. The left , of course , hated it. However, as recently as 1991, a survey by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club found that readers rated

  • 7If you were to get hit by a cop car or you walk in front of their car?

    So just be very curious lately , if someone passes in front of a police car when its movement or walk in front of your car and get beaten , what would happen to the person . Now I'm not talking about going in front of a police car is moving fast, but maybe in a parking lot or something , get it !

  • 8Might walk from my mortgage in Michigan?

    In short : We are $ 100K upside down in our mortgage . My wife is losing their working hours , we have a second child , I work for GM and could completely lose my job before October , wifes have 60K in student loan debt , no mortgage lender will help or modify the loan and stress of all this is driving my marriage with the ground . We are looking to buy a house forclosed firesale priced under the name of my wife / credit and let me fall on the knife with the foreclosure to ensure we have a home for our family . If I do not walk , later this year that will not be able to keep up with current payments regardless of whether or not I am still employed because of the situation of my wife with work and the need to be home with children to save on childcare costs . Do away at this point makes sense , or am I dilussional here ? I can not see any way out , and a bankruptcy attorney I know you do not need to pay for something , you just have to walk. I live in Michigan to boot , so it certainly will not help anything . Comments , thoughts or tips .. please!

  • 9Voluntarily walk away from a mortgage/home?

    I've been in my house for 3 years and have lost about 100K in equity at that time. This house was not meant to be a long-term home , only one to get my family out and hire a desirable neighborhood after selling . The market crashed , and now I feel like I'm stuck . I do not want my children in the schools in this area ( two years away) and I like it here . I recently filed a Ch.13 BK to get rid of a significant amount of debt and now I wonder if I should change my Ch.7 and Ch.13 to include my house . Now ( after the cap . 13 BK ) have no problems with any of my accounts money is not a factor here . I just do not like where I live and I want to be in a place where I feel that my children can play outside without worrying about them both . I considered renting, but this seems to be more of a task than I can handle at this point in my life , but the idea is not off the table . I consulted with my family and friends , and things have gotten worse ... I out 1/2 on one side and half on the other ... I'm looking for the pros and cons of this situation . Any advice will be great .

  • 10Can I just walk away from my home without a foreclosure on my credit?

    I asked Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 10 / 05. I was discharged on 03/06 . I filed under the old bankruptcy laws . Well my attourney apperentely never no longer practices law paperwork I had filled the redemption to keep my house . I've never missed a payment , even during bankruptcy , with all good intentions to keep my house . Well last month I went to qualify for a new home and sell the current home. I learned that Wells Fargo was not informing my credit bearau ! NIGHTMARE ! Because they are not reporting that I have a loan to buy a new house . I called Wells Fargo and I said I will help all I can do is refinance to get back home to my name . Now I feel so frustrated I just want to give back and keep going. I can do it legally and not redeem the residence during my bankruptcy ?

  • 11Can you walk up to the edge of the Grand Canyon?

    I wonder if there are laws , policies park barriers that prevent someone standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon .

  • 12Will I be legally obligated to pay anything if I walk away from my home and let it go into foreclosure? (FL)?

    In the state of Florida , I will be punished ( for example , having to pay the difference in the loan if the bank auctions the house ) if I walk away from my house and let it go into foreclosure ?