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What r the laws of a hit n run? I was arguing w someone n they fllored car n pulled away very fast? related questions

  • 1What r the laws of a hit n run? I was arguing w someone n they fllored car n pulled away very fast?

    cross road threw mea n let me lie there .. is the scene of an accident leaving na hit and run ? charged

  • 2UK drivning laws: He pulled out in front of me I hit his rear right who is to blame?

    I just had an accident, while driving along a road a car turned left from a side road into my path. The front left hand side of my car collided with his rear right. Who is to blame?

  • 3While in law enforcement, what are some pranks you have pulled/ or have been pulled on you?

  • 4Was a passenger in a car accident. Two front seat drivers were arguing (boyfriend and girlfriend)?

    I was sleeping in the back , but was wearing a belt. GF was driving the car of BF . BF hit the steering wheel and crash. I've beaten the ribs and fractured my eighth rib . She has full coverage on your vehicle , you only have liability. They do not want to report car insurance , but I have to go to doctors. How I can go without insurance (I have insurance ) thank you!

  • 5Pulled over and had no car insurance?

    I'm in the state of Illinois , and I just moved here so I do not really know their laws . I stopped a few days ago that really bothered me because I make sure I do absolutely nothing wrong , so do not have to deal with cops . Well I stopped because my front license plate was on my windshield instead of bolted to the front of my car ( do not go there in my car and where I'm not even need a front one) . More or less the police just wanted to waste time because I was bored .... that's why I do not like the police because I did nothing wrong and someone ran a stop right in front of me ! lol Well anyway I did not have insurance on the car unfortunately. I do not need a lesson because I know I have to have insurance . So I kept my driver's license and set a court date for me . I 'm sure car on Friday . I've heard two different things . One is that the time you get insurance before my court date not at all likely to happen . Another person , and police said they had to prove that I had insurance on the day I was arrested and could face a fine or whatever . Does anyone know what punishment I face if I have insurance when I show up to court? Can my license be taken away ? The car is not even in my name , if that matters .

  • 6Cop pulled me over with a dangerous illegal maneuver?

    I was driving north leaving Miami , at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour on the highway . Going down a ramp , two policemen were people gunning speed out of your car in the shoulder lane . As he walked down the ramp in the road , my speed increased to 83 since I was on a ramp , the police and I run at that speed . He jumped in the middle of the street that was in me to tell him to stop, and I had to swerve to avoid hitting the road . Almost hit another car, and once I stopped was really hectic and used verbal discourse patronizing when I talk . I wonder if this maneuver took something illegal and something that I take in my defense in court ? I sped over 13 miles per hour and I'm not denying that. But the way he was arrested almost caused an accident and the officer was blaming my speed , do not jump in the middle of the road near the incident .

  • 7Can i get a ticket for running a red light but not be pulled over?

    i just knowingly ran a red light, and was followed by a cop. as i dropped off my friend he was still behind me and said that he knew that i ran the red light. so he was probably checking my plates for any violations or anything. but just wondering if i going to get a ticket in the mail, or not cause they didn't give me the ticket there.

  • 8What can happen if you get pulled over driving with more than one person in the car if you are 17?

    I'm about to have my lisence for a year, but i was wondering what would happen. -If i get into an accident does it void my insurance because i was breaking the law? -If i was run into, would i be liable because i was breaking the law? Thanks

  • 9Should I fight a ticket from an officer that pulled my car over on foot?

    I was driving down a road with three lanes in Dallas and I was in the front of the

  • 10My drivers license expired in 03, If I were to get pulled over, would I go to jail?

    I am insured , and maintain that power , but without a valid driver's license , if I was in a car accident , my insurance will be null and void ? I will not go to jail , and I 'll take care of it .

  • 11My family was in a car accident the other day the other driver pulled out in frontof me what can i do?

    the other driver went through a stop sign and hit him . in his report said he had a beer about 2 hours ago. My wife has a broken vertabra and will have to be revised in the future will have to pay for it , but she also missed a day of work so far and could lose more than the question is , what I can do to help missed work and your fear of driving old cars . I can ? Sue for lost wages and being afraid to drive now or am I just screwed and have to drive her to work every day

  • 12How can I make 3k fast?

    3k need quickly so me and my girlfriend can go traveling and really be able to eat and have a place to sleep , so we've spent all our money on getting out of debt , so there is hardly any , just want to get away