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Will gap insurance cover my car after an accident with no regular car insurance? related questions

  • 1Will gap insurance cover my car after an accident with no regular car insurance?

    Does gap insurance covers my car after an accident without regular car insurance ?

  • 2I have car insurance but no license, due to legal status, will the car insurance still cover an accident?

    My car is paid off and the title is in my name . I have automobile liability insurance in Texas . I have no driver's license in Texas because of my status in this country . If I was involved in a car accident and other vehicle was at fault , will the insurance take care of it or try to get out of it because I am without a license ?

  • 3Does your medical insurance cover what your car insurance does not if you were in a car accident?

    I was in a car accident and this guy without a license totaled my car. I had to go to the emergency room for medical care. My insurance will cover up to $5000 of the bill. Well the bill is about $8000. If they bill my medical insurance is there a possibility they will cober the rest?

  • 4Does insurance cover a hit and run accident?

    I came to a parked bumper cars . The bumper is all ripped and lights. They have me on video as I hit the car and left. Will my insurance cover the accident ? In the state of Pennsylvania

  • 5My car was taken for a joyride and was in an accident will my insurance cover it?

    i have full coverage across the country . the man who took my car was charged with DUI and driving on suspension for DUI , leaving the scene and hit a man who was parked in a road vehicle in your driveway . so I brought my car stolen from my house . so far the police have accused him of reckless driving .

  • 6Car accident not enough insurance money to cover new car, is there anything I can do?

    I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago. The other drivers insurance has accepted fault for the accident. The insurance has deemed the car totaled, and has offered an amount that won't completely cover my car loan. I do fortunately have GAP insurance, but am now left without a car. Is there anything I can do to get money for a car?

  • 7Would my insurance cover a deer accident?

    Today I was driving on the freeway around 10 pm and a deer jumped right in front of my car and I hit it. Most of my front end is damaged (bumper and a slight bent on the hood but appenrantly nothing on the motor. I have Nationwide but I have the cheapest insurance the one that only covers the other car in case of an accident. Will a deer accident be coverd with the plan that I have?

  • 8Motor Insurance - Accident cover and claim?

    I have a car that is covered by car insurance . The car hit a bump in the road at speed and resulted in damage to the oil pan . The car stopped immediately after the impact . The whole oil had leaked . Now, after the inspection, the said motor bearing and the pulley are also damaged as a result of execution without oil. The insurance company says it will only pay for the damage and no oil pan to the engine , since it is not directly caused by the accident and was unbeatable due to my lack of letting the engine run without oil. However, the car was stopped immediately after the impact , but within seconds the car had to stop has resulted in engine damage . The car insurance is registered in Tamil Nadu . The question is whether the insurance company is right to reject the claim of engine repair ? If the claim must be , in fact, be honored , then where to turn? If the repair is carried out without the approval of the inspector , then why I can claim reimbursement later ? The car is in the garage for more than two weeks in anticipation of approval of surveyor . Please advise. Thank you.

  • 9Car insurance cover medical bills after accident?

    So on Wednesday i was t-boned by another car. I was hit on the right side passenger door and my girlfriend was arm was hit, luckily the side airbag was deployed and protected her from more injuries. Being my first car accident i didn't know what to do and the declined the ambulance ride. later that day at home when my parents came home they told me and girlfriend to go to the hospital. I was cleared of major injuries from the hospital and my girlfriend was too but they took x-rays on her arm and neck since she was on the impact side. My uncle found replacement doors for me and said he will fix the dents for me. He told me i shouldn't make a claim with my insurance since he will do everything free. I live in NY and they have no fault law. I was wondering though if i don't make a claim with the insurance for my damage will they cover the expenses for the medical bill still? as far i know i am not at fault since i was stuck in the middle of an intersection going southbound when the light changed and another car drove out eastboud and hit me on the side.

  • 10I got in a car accident and its not my fault. How will my insurance company cover this?

    I live in upstate New York and have full coverage . I have 08 dodge avenger and spent $ 12,000 on it . Him I was coming to an intersection and the light will turn yellow . I had plenty of time to do it and had the right away . That a car coming in the opposite direction quickly became his blinker to turn in time for the light , but ended up turning in front of me and his passenger side cut all my companion . He started to turn before he even got to the white lines on the intersection instead of making the turn in the correct manner . I took a picture to show it . From the head of the passenger side of the tailgate is in ruins and stretched the wheel completely off the USDA Agricultural Research outside. The police report was put down as her fault . I live in upstate New York and was told that no fault insurance . I have full coverage, but I will get what I paid for if your total loss . I was doing nothing wrong and now could only get half of what I paid . It's not fair that I have to buy a new car , especially from my pocket for doing nothing wrong. I do not want the car to get fixed because I will never drive the same. Car shops around here all suck anyway . I just want a car like the one I had , but that will not happen .

  • 11Does Car Insurance Personal Accident Cover Non Residents?

    Hi all, I'm waiting for my PR application to be processed here in Ontario Canada and has been here a year during which I have been under a visitor visa extensions and drive my own car with a fully licensed Canadian drivers my own insurance . I recently switched my evaluation license bike and am in the process of buying my first bike here . My question is this : Is the accidental health coverage that comes as part of a vehicle insurance ( which apparently is the right to be here in Ontario ) to cover hospital bills and personal injury , etc. if cover you are a non-resident ? My hunch is that if I'm paying for the policy and have a full license , but do not know for sure . I've been happy living here without coverage for a year and just made me think about it , because now I will be riding a bike and at greater risk of injury so I wanted to make sure I was covered and if not going to get something out of additional personal coverage . Any help would be great here

  • 12Do insurance companies cover a chiropractor after an accident?

    i was rear ended and had to see a chiropractor because of severe whiplash. the insurance company of the girl who hit me is offering a settlement and almost half of it will be going to pay for the chiropractor bill. is this right? why wouldnt health insurance cover this, or why would i have to pay for it out of my settlement when it was not even my fault?