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New USA resident unsure how to get a good car insurance deal. Help? related questions

  • 1New USA resident unsure how to get a good car insurance deal. Help?

    I am Canadian and working for two years in the U.S. . I just bought a car and need insurance for it, but do not have a U.S. driving history , only history Cdn . How I can get a reasonable insurance rate ? What agency should go to the Geico gecko is good , but my online quote from them was $ 2000/year . I have no accidents and more than five years without any complaints .

  • 2Unsure about auto insurance law?

    I have a great quote ( liability only) of an agent who went through the insurance company for my big car accident commercial vehicle. It's almost too good . It is more than half the price of the next lowest quote I found. The thing is, the next lowest bid came from the auto accident insurance company itself but through a different agent . And other quotes I got through several different agents through the same victim company . I called the big company directly and told them the situation . They said if I had the VIN of the vehicle , then there is no problem regarding the classification of the type of commercial vehicle. My biggest concern is that there should be an accident , and be sure that I am paying a lower price was not quoted accurately by the agent , I am responsible for damages ? Are there clauses in documents or contracts to protect me from this situation ? Will I be required to pay the balance of what he was misquoted in an accident ?

  • 3IS this a good deal for a car?

    I have hopes of getting a car soon and I have 17 years of age. I found an ad for a 2005 volkswagon getta by $ 3,000 and 38,704 miles on it . It has everything you could want in a car . My parents are thinking about buying a car .... either new or used. I love to have a new car, but insurance is wayyy too high to pay . Would it be better to go with an older car and less safe or a new car and spend my salary on a new one? ? ? keep in mind , people my age tend to have a lot of accidents more ..... help please ( ;thanks !

  • 4Does Consumer Credit Counseling offer a good deal? If not, what debt service does?

    Does the Consumer Credit Counseling offer a good deal? If not, what no debt service ?

  • 5Whats the best way to deal with losing the one you love to death and how do you deal with it?

    What is the best way to deal with the loss of the person you love to death and how to deal with it ?

  • 6Got shafted in a car loan deal, car is having too many problems, want OUT OF DEAL.?

    I have a 2003 Crown Victoria in a lot of local credit car because my credit was not so good . Im in need of repairs , repairs serious look, and . I want to know how I can get out of the operation. Is bankruptcy ? what chapter ? I realize that I was deceived because I'm young , only 21 . and I really want to know how to get out of this. Even with the large B mark on my record for a while . PS thanks . the car was bought at 13k , is only worth about 5k

  • 7How to get out of a subpoena if you are not a legal resident?

    i was a witness to a car accident &my sister in law was a passenger in my car. it turned out the driver invloved in the car accident was drinking &driving &had his infant son in the car. turns out he is going to court so MY S.I.L. &1 HAVE BEEN SUBPOENAD, BUT SHE IS NOT A LEGAL RESIDENT.... HOW CAN SHE GET OUT OF IT? it says on the subpoena that we need to take our D.L. which she obviously doesnt have.... &we have to go on the 11th of this month!!!

  • 8I am a Colorado resident and I need to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.?

    I need to file for bankruptcy would have to get a lawyer or I can do everything myself .

  • 9Im an american resident and i had a accident and now i cant move my arm im 18 and cant work?

    is there anything i can do to get help i mean can i appy for social security disablity checks or something

  • 10How to deal with car accident with no insurance?

  • 11Deal with insurance directly?

    The problem is not that I pay for my lawyer , that is 32% , are medical expenses that is taking a huge chunk of the settlement.If I deal coinsurance . Weel I can deal directly with the doctor and robin cost.thanks to last reply

  • 12Can a small claims suit be filed in CA against a resident of another state?

    In connection with a transaction on eBay / PayPal , the suit may be filed by CA or should be presented in the statement of the accused ? If they occur in CA , the accused will have to travel to the proceedings? Is there a minimum amount that must be sued in small claims judgment ( as far as the law is concerned , no minimal logic) ?