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Back Owed Child Support? related questions

  • 1Back Owed Child Support?

    Where to start . My mother has been trying to collect back child support owed ​​my father . He filed for Chapter 13 and he never paid any of that either. My mother received a letter in which she can not fight for it , that I have to. I know I would not get the check I would, but I have to fight for it ? That does not sound right to me. The amount of child support was established in Germany by the Germans and the army . He declared bankruptcy in Colorado . Where do I start ? How I can help my mother recover the money owed. Who do I contact? Please help me I'm so lost . AS for those wondering why we go for it? Well, he has two sons after me with another woman and have great lives with a great future . My mother and I are struggling through life . I think my mom deserves the money owed ​​to it . Please help ! Thank you !

  • 2A bank intercept a tax return for bankruptcy debts b4 the state child support office for back child support?

    My ex went through bankruptcy, you owe the bank a lot of money and I owe more than $ 6,000 in unpaid child support . Last year your tax return was intercepted and put to the back child support , but now the bank is threatening to intervene tax returns for at least the next four years. Does the child support has the president on the debt with the bank ? I live in Oklahoma. thanks

  • 3Can you file child support owed in a bankruptcy?

    The father of my daughter is going to file Chapter 13 and said his lawyer told him that you can make $ 800 in the back childsupport owed. Can you really do this ... I thought it was protected ?

  • 4Can child support arrears that is owed to the state of Illinois, [not the parent] be eliminated in Chapter 7?

    The child is now 30, and the arrears are from when I was incarcerated.

  • 5Can child support arrears owed to the State of Illinois, not the parent, be relieved by Ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    This money accrued while I was incarcerated. The child is now 30 &I am now disabled.

  • 6I live in Utah, have a child support lien, house foreclosed on, sold back to lender, when do I get paid?

    Liens placed by both myself and the State Agency , the USDA is the lender , backed by the FHA , U.S. Bankruptcy court involved , deadbeat presented in Chapter 13 5/ 08, which defaulted . Child Support is a priority and must be paid , is my understanding . Please help, I am getting different answers and need to know what my next step is to enforce the obligation and when I get the money ? Thank you !

  • 7In michigan if you sign off rights to child do you still pay child support?

  • 8Child Support Question?

    Say you have to pay child support. Because any spouse can apply for child support if they spend more than 50 % of their time with the child . ( a child ) Say your girlfriend ( the child's mother ) comes to you with the child then decides to apply for child support when you do not have a job after having a car accident . Say you pay for it (a cause may charge extra interest because it is asking you to pay for the months before the submission ) . Then make the mistake of marrying her , do you want to do family work . However, even though you send letters to stop the child support , the office will not close . So you pay all the time ( about a year ) that their marriage . Rarely had a job , so he paid for all modes . After going to the army . She automatically receive your $ 300 check from 1,000 a month (which according to law flordia means you only have to pay 235) . And even if you see it coming out of your paycheck military people keeping children are saying that the delay in payments , while its

  • 9Child Support Drama. Can we pay?

    My husband and I have moved to Washington DC and everything here is more expensive than where we lived before. His former owed ​​him money and that he retained full board . Now she has paid what he owed. We have been performing our calculation and what it does not seen to be sufficient to pay the child support and our daily living expenses . I had a serious car accident and I've been at home because of my health

  • 10Will i get all my arrears in child support still?

    My ex is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and told the lawyer said he will not pay the arrears with child support anymore , as long as they pay $ 100 per week for 5 years and also take half of your tax income . So you think that you will not receive the nearly $ 19,000 in arrears he owes me ?

  • 11Joint Custody and Child support?

    My boyfriend has a little girl and his baby's mother is taking him to court to file for joint custody. She is claiming that he will have to pay her $387 a month even though he will have her 3 days a week and have her for 2 overnight stays. She does not work, does not want to work, and lives at home with her WEALTHY mother. She is also living off insurance money (a big chunk) from an automobile accident. Let me put into perspective for you, 10k. Do you think it is moral for her to ask for so much money when indeed she blames the reason on her not having a job on him for not taking the child on the days she wants to work? Keep in mind he is working 2 jobs, and takes the child everyday that he is off and keeps her overnight on those nights. Wouldn't you think that a normal single mother would get a full time job and interview around for a nice daycare facility until the child is old enough to go into school? Please help!

  • 12Is there anyway I can get the child support my dad pays given straight to me?

    My parents are divorced and have been since I was about 9. I'm 17 years old now and my mom is really irresponsible. I convinced she uses the 1800 dollars a month, that my dad sends, on herself. I would love to be able to put some money towards college but cant if my mom is spending it on something useless such as cigarettes and alcohol. Oh and I live in New Jersey. Just in case there are different laws in different states.