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How can I find out if the attorney I am about to hire is good and legit? related questions

  • 1How can I find out if the attorney I am about to hire is good and legit?

    How I can know if I'm going to hire lawyer is good and reliable ?

  • 2How can I find a good trademark Attorney?

    How do I find a good trademark attorney in my area? Well, I can obviously search online and find a bunch, but that doesn't mean they are good. They might be, but it is mostly a tossup. A better approach is to find a few I like and then look them up on the Martindale attorney directory. Attorneys and the firms they work for are rated by the directory, which may give me a pretty good idea of what I'm expecting. My old friend whom I told about this revered me because he belongs to Sydney so told me about that company. 

  • 3Where can I find a good personal injury attorney?

    Where I can find a good personal injury lawyer ?

  • 4How can I find a good bankruptcy attorney? Are there any sites where people can review info?

    I live in TN. I've discovered that I'm going to have to file Bankruptcy (Chapter 7). I don't personally know of anyone who has filed Bankruptcy, so I can't ask opinions. I look in the yellow pages &see a slew of attorney's. I have no clue how to pick &I work &don't have the time to have a consultation with every one of them. Is there a website that has information on lawyers, to help in picking one or maybe a site where people can type out their personal reviews of attorney's? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • 5Where do I find a legit at home job for a legal assistant with 20 years experience and typing skills of 93 wpm?

    I am a paralegal in North Florida and would like to make a legitimate work at home . I have 20 years experience in various areas of law , including criminal defense , insurance defense , creditor bankruptcy , civil litigation , commercial land use , contract law and inheritance law . Does anyone know of a legitimate work at home for my company ? My writing skills are 93 wpm and I have lots of experience in various software. Also a Notary .

  • 6How to hire an attorney?

    How to hire a lawyer ?

  • 7Is $1800.00 too much to pay to hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?

    Recently I had a free consultation with an attorney about chapter 7 , and he gave me $ 1800 qoute lawer fees plus $ 200 court. I talked with several friends at work who have made and paid much less , but the majority had made ​​it before changing bankroupcy laws . I'm still looking for a second opinion who has been through a Chapter 7 lately, and how much it cost .

  • 8What type of attorney do I need to hire to get a settlement offer?

    I have a 2nd mortgage, now with a collection agency. I need to a settle, but collection agency didn't agree with the offers I made. I'm in California, and my 1st mortgage is much higher than the property value. Who can help me to get a settlement offer? What type of attorney, do I have to hire to get a settlement.? Is Bankruptcy (Chapter 13) the only option, to eliminate the debt? After loosing my job, I fall behind my mortgage payments.With current income I only can afford to pay my 1st mortgage. Pls. can someone advise me what I should do. I'm really struggling, and worried over this.

  • 9My car was totaled in an accident, the other driver was at fault. Trying to decide whether to hire an attorney

    My wife was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign . The car is totaled and is on crutches and my son has a broken callarbone . The co -insurance. is offering me $ 40.00 less than what you owe on the car . I have contacted a lawyer , but his contingency is third . So if the reward for my car is $ 10,000.00 and my medical expenses is $ 5000.00 ( not just estimated actual for example) . If the claim was settled for $ 15,000.00 and $ 5,000.00 attorney I do not see that this is helping me . Seek the advice of someone who has dealt with a similar situation .

  • 10I don’t have enough money to hire an attorney. Can I settle a car accident case without legal assistance?

    If I imagine in a car accident here in Denver , and I have enough money to hire a lawyer , you may be able to solve this case alone, without legal assistance ?

  • 11How do I find an attorney that is licensed in two states?

    I was in a car accident in TC , but am going back to MI where I live I lived here for nine months and TC was the direction of my car insurance , so I said a lawyer MI I would have to hire a lawyer CT MI or an attorney licensed in CT

  • 12How to find estate planning attorney in Los Angeles?

    Hi, I am looking for estate planning attorney for the purchasing of property. If anyone knows any professional company that can provide me legal service kindly let me know. I shall be very thankful to you. Regards