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My mom husbands can not get along with me for some reason. She has lied constantly doing that often separate us , but we got back together and every time she hates him . When I was 8 months pregnate with this child and I had our 1 yr old son who had gotten into a car accident and taken to the hospital so that when we went to look was furious with me when I picked him up to take him caused a great arguement in the van with my husband and stepmother . She can scream and get in my face and almost made me go to work . When I try to be nice to my husband she returns and tells more lies saying I shouted . Whenever she has our child something goes wrong . She always gets into fights in front of him and has no respect for me . Is it a bad thing that prevents him from being with my son and the baby alone ? With this new baby is bad for me I do not want in the hospital when she is causing chaos ? What is the best way to handle someone like her ?

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#1CMSAnswered at 2013-03-28 05:43:54
#2yeriAnswered at 2013-04-29 07:20:08
I will just tell her and her son to get bent. First of all they are your children and if you want left alone with them , then bad for her insane. *** Second, if your husband does not stand up for you , then you can just get lost .
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Mother In Law Issues??

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