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QIs it the law that a right turn on red onto a double lane road be curb to curb.?

I was involved in an accident where the driver turned right on red and went straight into the left lane . I rear ended her 15 feet beyond the intersection ( in the left lane ) . The first police acknowledged that she failed to give way and she was cited for illegal lane change that I suspect there is a law . I can not find it . If there were, would not only curbed beaten in the face and not the back . Then she would have been found at fault for failing to yield to oncoming traffic . But that would have been very wrong.Does someone knows where I can find this law shows that was supposed to make a turn curb to curb ?

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#1AquaAnswered at 2013-04-18 05:54:50
yes, it's the law. you are 100 % correct. although I'm not sure where to find it . I would start by trying to talk to someone at the DMV. I know the quality SUCKS dmv to treat, but that's where I would start . Most cops do not know much about the laws believe it or not (sense of sarcasm there?) and are afraid to admit that at the scene of an accident when writing a report . they'll look it up later if called to court. I would continue this hard if I were you . rear ending a car wreck your insurance and put marks on your driving record .
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Is it the law that a right turn on red onto a double lane road be curb to curb.?

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