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QMotor vehicles accident between bike and car.?

I just had an accident this morning with my bike . I was driving normally around 50-60 km / h , and suddenly the car in front of me began to decrease. I thought I was going from left to park or something, and I decided to catch up from the right . Did not match any cars opposite of me , and not for the turn signals to the woman in front of me . While I was beating her suddenly turn right and hit me right on their doors . I tried to stop , but nothing helped in this situation because the distance between us was a few meters. Everything went well the ambulance arrived, I was taken to hospital , police , etc. The woman said she was surprised she did not see me coming. That's all I know for now . What happens is that I have no insurance on my bike , and I guess she has insurance on his car ( was a black mercedes s ) . What interests me is whose fault is if the police can not figure out why she has become the turn signals or not. Will I pay reparations insurance company , or not ? The most important thing that I 'm fine , I have only minor injuries to my knees , nothing serious . If not the team do not know where I would be now .

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#1HGAnswered at 2013-04-02 21:28:38
Lisa A is correct . I hate bikes or within MC when driving around me , as it is difficult to see and have seen where they will maneuver around areas or darts , because of its small size compared to a car . I try to avoid and escape from them as much as possible . The fact that the other lady is not more likely valid . The car suddenly slowed and that should have been his first choice to slow down and see what was doing this . No turn signals and anticipates what you thought was going to do, so dart around as an MC you can do this and most probably do it all the time . Since you could not stop and turn around , it is likely that it was accelerated , indicating as close unable to stop and knock on doors. Since cycling uninsured is unknown if required in Australia or not , most likely you will have to pay for repairs to your car or injury if any as it later . Police do not determine fault, the insurance company does, as it is the insurance company that pays claims , not the police . Even if you have insurance and pays , then your insurance company will go after a refund of money spent to repair . good luck
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Motor vehicles accident between bike and car.?

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