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QWhat can I do to cheer my father-in-law up? He was in an accident.?

A couple of months ago by the father - in-law to be was involved in a car accident . His car overturned and he was rushed to the hospital . At first he thought he would never walk again , but now he has movement in one leg , but not the other . After getting a skin graft operation , a fact that was transferred from the intensive care wing of the hospital to rehabilitation and everyone hoped he would be home for Christmas . Now , has developed another ulcer that needs to be covered with another skin graft and can only lie on the stomach . His wife , my mother - in-law to-be , says he is miserable. He has dealt with anxiety and depression before this and I feel so bad for him , it can not be easy .

I want to do something to cheer him up , but I do not know why, since my boyfriend and I live eight hours away from where their parents do. He also does not like flowers or anything. What I can do?

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#1The most lovable of flotationAnswered at 2013-01-14 23:06:42
No, the flowers will not do much for someone in that state . A couple of ideas: Le - Bring some magazines would be interested (ie , if you like cars , brings some car magazines ) . - Buy a blank book , and write poems , thoughts , how was your day , stories , etc. can be expected to read / listen when I visit . - If he has dealt with anxiety / depression , there are some things you can do to help in the long run. Find some books or CDs that have to do with a concept called " mindfulness ." That means being aware of the moment , instead of worrying about the future or be down in the dumps about the past . It seems that now is the perfect time for him to catch up on some reading and make a mental shift .
#2MS.SUE I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answered at 2013-03-16 01:07:23
You have to consider your hobbies and interests and try to fix something to cheer
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What can I do to cheer my father-in-law up? He was in an accident.?

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