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QWhat could be the MAIN cause of my Ford Ka 1.3 (T-Reg) smoking out of the left-hand side of the engine bay?

My Ford Ka 1.3 has recently started smoking after a journey of 5-10 min , of the left hand (left side ) of the engine bay - and performance goes right down to the point that only get up a hill ! The smell is like a strong burning metal , as an angle grinder would smell like - rather than a smell of exhaust / oil. No water is used , however , what I find strange, but it drastically overheating. When the car is left for 15 minutes to cool - it 's fine again, but after a journey of 5-10 minutes , the same thing happens again, I do not know if it is a separate issue , but the brakes fail miserably when this happens also .

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#1LemarAnswered at 2012-12-05 23:16:35
Do the engine revs remain high despite not going faster car ? this sounds as if it is a friction clutch , but the brake failure ? is troubling . you need ot have looked professional as soon as possible as this could be fatal . whether knowingly driving a car with faulty brakes or not, then insurance may be denied and you may be liable if an accident . Compensation careful someone getting seriously injured is very expensive and an insurance company to try to get out of paying . will check the car ! overheating is probably related to brake issues and may be just the servo assisted brakes failed due to an engine problem therefore has brakes, but it helps you to think that the brakes are not working properly . ( More pedal pressure needed to stop car )
#2ashley-help please!Answered at 2012-12-07 02:58:02
hey check to see if you have any kind Leakes first. then you said your water level is very well see their fans or checking the coolant then check the thermostat , but if your smoking in the engine that could have a blown head gaskit
#3(i mean,) scrotum Answered at 2012-12-07 22:00:43
might be a blown head gasket or oil is bad or worse GONE . everything possible to get you in a store get it looked at .
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What could be the MAIN cause of my Ford Ka 1.3 (T-Reg) smoking out of the left-hand side of the engine bay?

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