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Car accident who is to blame? related questions

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    < one Treasury has $ 1.6 billion in Chrysler loan losses

  • 2Car accident, who is to blame?

    My partner had an accident in his truck yesterday A3 . He was traveling in the fast lane behind another car , which was about to overtake a truck in the middle lane . Suddenly, a black BMW flew off in the middle lane at a ridiculous speed and began my partner, and the car in front and somehow managed to squeeze between the truck in the middle lane and the car in front to get in the fast lane . My partner said he was the most dangerous thing I've ever seen ( and he drives a lot) and the difference was ridiculously small . The car in front broke hard , almost to a standstill , and my companion slipped and hit the car from behind. His truck is badly damaged and needs repairs around £ 2500 . And we have not been notified by the insurance company because the BMW driver did not hit anyone and left the scene that my partner is responsible . My partner has been in contact with the driver whose car struck and he fully agreed that it was not my fault partners . But , as is the other driver claimed us, and we have to find over £ 550 to repair the truck . We have no right to anything , even though my partner has hurt his back . I am very angry ! The real part responsible could have easily killed everyone has of Scott Free . Is there any way we can discuss this? There seems to be no one who can help ! Any advice is very welcome ! thanks

  • 3Car accident who is to blame?

    The other day I was on my way home from work when I was involved in a car accident . I came by on my way home and indicated to the right in my way . I stopped the vehicle up to between 1 mph and stationary . There was a silver minivan behind me at the time. As I turned right on my way to drive down silver car next to me on the other side of the road and hit my driver's side door . When we spoke to the women she was Polish and did not understand what he was doing . Once I explained that I was turning right on my hard then she said that I knew what I was doing , so I was taking over . She admitted fault at the scene and my neighbor heard this. I had no witnesses. So what I'm asking is is it their fault or is there any way I can get out of it . She has not yet hit his insurance has dropped even as 50/50 . I also took pictures of the whole thing .

  • 4Who is to blame in texas car accident?

    I was driving on the lane next to the exit ramp lane. I checked if any one was in the exit ramp lane and no one was in it only a car behind me. so I turn my signal light on and start to turn and when I am about more than half the lane in both my mother and my brother yell "watch out" and out of the corner of my eye I see a car speeding pass me and he managed to clip me on my right front panel just infront of the tire left rear side. When we parked our cars we met each other and he said " I am sorry bro I saw you signal but I thought I could make it" but then when the cops came he changed his story. He says that he had turned to the exit ramp and passed me then I turned then hit him. Think about this if he was in back of me, how in the world was he able the pass me with out speeding because the speed limit of the main lane is 60mph and the exit ramps is 50mph. I was going about 60mph before turning to the exit ramp so if he says he had passed me how can he explain appearing in front of me with out speeding remember he was in back of me and if he turned to the exit ramp he had to have started to reduce his speed. Still the cops gave me a ticket for an unsafe lane change and he gave the other driver a ticket for not having a license and it was not suspended or expired nor revoked he just had never taken the test before. I want to add for your better understandment that my car was insured but I was not covered by it. and he also did not have insurance. I also understand how it appeard to the police the did not see the crash so when they arrived all they saw was where the damage was and said that I was at fault. given what I just explained do I have a reasonable case to fight? The other driver either saw my signal but thought he could make it or was not paying attention and managed to get away with it becuase had spead up and I manage to hit him from the rear side???? also he said that he had passed me but that is not true because I would have heard and seen him passing and this is why... he had one of those annoying mufflers that people put on fast Streetcars sort of like "the fast and the furious" so I would have heard him because they attract your attention and plus my car does not have A/C so I had the windows down so I would have heard him even better also my mother and my brother would have seen him too...he was behind me when I was turning and I was already on the exit ramp when we crashed. . Plus the metal from my bumper where we crashed has the metal tearing towards the front of my car not dented inward, this proves that he passed me and when he hit my right panel his car riped my bumpers metal outward toward the front so if he says that i hit him, the metal would have been dented inward instead of outward right? ALSo can an officer give me that unsafe lane change ticket even though he did not witness the supposed violation??????????? . he was also exiting the highway and yes he did admit(TO the Cops) that he was in back of me and turned towards the exit ramp but it had to be done illegaly though right. CAN I win this in court? Civil court that is.... he wasn't already in the lane as I started to turned. he had stayed in the main lane while I was turning and I stopped chenking for cars because I was in the lane already when he came from behind me and passed me and managed to hit me. the reason my mother and brother yelled watch out was because they are the ones that heard him going pass me not because he was next to me and I was going to hit him. The state of texas has a proportional fault claim that says even IF I turned to him he was the one that caused the crash since he was not giong at a safe speed so if he was going the speed limit the crash would have never happened. making him 51%or more at fault right?

  • 5In your opinion who is to blame for this accident?

    I was driving my motorcycle in Central London in November last year. It was 17:40 and I was coming back home after doing an english test. I was on a main road and was approaching a big junction with another main road. This was on a Saturday and the roads were empty... As Im about to pass the traffic lights I noticed that they turned yellow, I carry on because it was too close to stop. I noticed one car waiting to turn right in the junction. It was the only car in the I mentioned before no vehicles around. As Im about to pass in front of the car (on my right of way)...I notice that the car start to set off! I try top acelerate and swerve in the hope it will see me and stop... But the car just carried on and it was no way to avoid the colision! I spent 12 days in Hospital (broken right thigh bone and right wrist) needed surgery for both... I am still recovering... I contacted my lawyers straight away and the case is on going... But last week I was informed that the woman driver is not accepting blame for the accident! Details: She is 60 years old, Provisional License for more than 15 years, No L Plates on the car, no one in the car had a license. I have full car and big bike license. Who is to blame for this accident? And if I get any much would that be you reckon? Only serious answers please. I am very worried. Kind regards

  • 6Am I 100% to blame in a car we have a duty of care as soon as we are on the road ?

    I was in an accident in which the reverse , the other car was standing in front of me , I was investing so I could get out of a driveway parking. I had invested outside the park and turned to take . I did not have enough room to clear the driveway. The other person was at the beginning of the drive way is on the road again . She had stopped. Then invested for me to clear the driveway , meanwhile , had gone and I grazed the side of his car . I was already under way before she moved. Your insurance has said that everything is my fault that I was reversing.However , is there a law that we as drivers accept a duty of 25 % of the attention as we drive . Where I can get more information?

  • 7Motorway accident, whos to blame &liable?

    Can anyone tell me the law regarding what happened to me today ... I was traveling on a highway at 70 mph within the outside lane. as I aproached a group of vehicles a car to my left , I was behind a truck in the center lane left without indication or warning , I rammed the median. luckily neither my nor his car spun and went to take the shoulder . When I came out and spoke (well, shouted ! ) Man , he said, was indicating . im 110% sure it was not. I think he just retired for the truck without checking your blind spot , I was probably at the time he approached his line . I want to know is how is your responsibility to check the lane is crossing it and is responsible for this accident ? her with insurance companies and im positive he is the culprit , but any expert advice would helfull . thank you!

  • 8After a car accident, do the insurers actually make much effort to determine who is to blame?

    We spent hours filling out forms detailing the minutest details of the accident . Nevertheless, insurance companies routinely seem to settle blow - by - blow in most cases. Does it cost much to enter into legal disputes , or just do not care enough to discuss the fault?

  • 9How does an auto insurance company determine who is at fault if both parties blame the other forthe accident?

    I had an accident in Illinois and both are saying it was the fault of others . I received a ticket for misuse and rail from the other person did not. The regulator considers my vehicle totaled and made a $ 6000, you went to the bank , because I still owe $ 7000 on the car . So that left me with nothing and I thought that was the end of it. I went out of town for three weeks after talking to the adjuster and the treatment of the claim. When I returned , I had lots of mail indicating geico , I have to call over what happened, and have been unable to contact me to discuss the accident ... ect . The last letter was telling me that I have been found guilty and would have to pay for the damage to my vehicle . They found the vehicle that hit and still owe $ 7,000 on the car. Before leaving town I said the car was destroyed and they were going to pay $ 6,000 to the bank and take pssesion of

  • 10Are the parents to blame?

    There was a bad accident that killed a 14 year old cheerleader over the weekend in Saint Petersburg Florida. The driver was a 15 year old that only had a permit which states he must have a legal licensed driver in the passengers seat and his mother allowed him to drive alone knowing the law. He crashed and killed another child in the vehicle with him. Should his mother who is an adult and knows better be held accountable?

  • 11A Gun Ban Blame Game?

  • 12Who is to blame when car reversed ino me?

    I was collecting for parking outside a shop on the main street , which was on my right . I waited until the road was clear then indicated and headed into space - have parked the car on my right - if I had managed to park - recede and damaged my driver's door. My insurance company say it could be solved 50/50 but surely the fault of the other driver ?