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Can a collection agency take me to court for non-payment? related questions

  • 1Can a collection agency take me to court for non-payment?

    This is the situation , my boyfriend came in very bad current account , because your check was not deposited in the bank until the next day and not know it. Well , we do not receive the returned check , which is kind of good, because there would be a lot of legal issues . We have recently begun to receive letters in the mail from a collection agency . I am currently unemployed and have no way to pay for them and while I was working I would take the time to pay them, because some of them with charges . Can the collection agency take me to court for non-payment ? Will I go to jail for this? I'm really scared and I 'm too poor to pay for it .

  • 2Creditor keeps reporting me to collection agency for non-payment even after i filed bankruptcy. Is it allowed?

    I had the bad luck of doing business with a very vicious, ruthless, and crooked creditor. He used every single tactic he could to get money out of me, but i kept resisting him. He placed over 67 calls a day using an automated voice. He then bombarded my email with demands to pay. he totally flooded my inbox with like 40,000 mails demanding payment. I told him i have bankruptcy lawyer and he responded using abuses, "no you don't, you bus turd" My bankruptcy lawyer contacted this creditor asking him to stop placing calls. Then this creditor sued me in court, KNOWING i have a bankruptcy lawyer. I physically had to go to court just to tell i have lawyer. His objective was to stress me out, by making me go to court because he knew it bankruptcy filing will discharge the debt. Then he again sued me in court of appeals, saying, "proof of bankruptcy still not shown". Second time my bankruptcy lawyer contacted court and his suit was thrown out. Then i filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, even after filing chapter 7 this vicious creditor keeps reporting to collection agency that i'm seriously delinquent. I checked my credit report and all other creditors whose debt was discharged no more contact the credit bureau. But this creditor alone keeps doing it out of pure vengeance.

  • 3How to respond to a collection agency?

    I have a CA calling me for a debt laden DC . I sent a validation letter to a collection agency . I have not heard of them . What is my next step . Should I wait for validation. If they do validate , make a written settlement offer ? If it comes down to it , what to do if they refuse payment? The agency man left a message on my machine and said

  • 4Question about collection agency in Wisconsin.?

    This is in Wisconsin . My brother was involved in a car accident a few months ago . Neither he nor the other driver got a ticket . No injuries , minor damage to vehicles . Another driver says my brother was at fault ( my brother says otherwise ) and has come to our house several times to talk to him . My brother was not home yet . Today my brother received a bill from a collection agency , with the other driver named as the person who owes the money . I wonder about the legality of this. My brother never received any legal communication related - that is, any judgment against him, there is no contact with a lawyer . Can a person like this other driver just go out and hire a collection agency to try to get the money it says it is owed for damage to your vehicle ? Should my brother this dispute any particular way ? What if he did not dispute? That is, what the agency could do in trying to get the money ?

  • 5What happens if you do not respond to collection agency calls?

    I am unemployed , have a negative balance in the bank , and I 'm suffering from an incurable disease, gastro -intestinal . I have many credit card debts and now have run out of funds. There is nothing to tell the collection agents also

  • 6Will this contract I wrote for a collection agency fly?

    Balance $ 15,387.74 pay to eliminate $ 4,800.00 This letter is in response to your conversation with me on June 29 , in relation to the debt mentioned . This clear agreement to pay is payable for the amount of $ 800.00 for six months in six consecutive installments starting before 10 and no more than December 10th of July. Please see the schedule below . July 10 - $ 800.00 August 10 - $ 800.00 September 10 - $ 800.00 October 10 - 800.00 November 10 - $ 800.00 December 10 $ 800.00 Once this debt. has paid no further attempts to charge your company me and Frederick J. Hanna

  • 7Do I have to pay the Collection Agency or Debt Collector?

    The collection agency said that since the car was in my name when it was towed is my responsibility and the law of California . The car was sold along time ago , but I was still under my name. I sent the correct document ( a little late ) , but says that was not mine at the time of the trailer . They said they still falls on me , because the title was in my name . He also said if I showed the towing company said that the role was not under my name that still matters wouldn ' . Even if the new owner came over and tried to pay for what he could not accept . Are they telling the truth ?

  • 8What can you do when you in this kind of situation with a collection agency...(sallie mae)?

    Long story short . My private student loans went into default after my chapter 13 bankruptcy was over. They turned to Allied Interstate. I created a monthly payment with them for 9 months. I was told that after 4 payments have been made that my interest rate would go to 0.001 % . At this point everyone is about 7.10% . My interest rate has never changed . I contact the collection agency this and keep getting sent to the same girl when I call now avoids me , and never called me again. Whenever I have a voicemail, or someone told me that she is not there . 3 weeks ago finally got a hold of it (use a different phone ) , and she told me to start to be that the low interest rate of the following month ( says every month) . When I said I would like to send me something that shows how much you owe and the total amount of the payments . Then

  • 9I have a judgement against me from a collection agency. Will filing bankruptcy get rid of this?

    Connection refused Connection refused

  • 10Bankruptcy filed. How come another collection agency is trying to collect on account in BK?

    We filed BK 30 March 2009 . Capital One referred / sold our debt to NCO in charge . NCO

  • 11How can I get collection agency to produce evidence of creditor claim?

    My husband and I are in a chapter bankruptcy case opened 13 due to discharge between 2010 and 2011. We have not seen any credit card or applied for any credit since the bankruptcy was filed in 2006. My husband has been receiving harassing phone calls from a collection agency at work every day for at least 2 or 3 times a day. He spoke with the collection agent once. He said he took a credit card in January 2007 owing $ 750. I called my lawyer and told him of this agency action being taken against us. She advised that any communication between a collection agency and a debtor in bankruptcy is the number one against the law, we are under an automatic stay and creditor protection. Number two, we do not give the name of the original creditor, or when the supposed card information. The only credit / debit card you have is a Walmart prepaid debit card that we use to pay bills, etc. We are not allowed to incur debt, except with the permission of the court. We are trying to repair our credit after my husband was laid off in 2002 and lost his house and car because of a long stop. My husband's brother is an addict. We suspect that maybe my brother-in-law took a card in your name and used the number of social security my husband as a co-signer. My lawyer informed me this collection agency to stop all communication, but contact is still at work. That's why we are suspecting my husband's brother. We received a bill from them today, but no real information. I send the letter to my lawyer. This collection agency is looking at a very strong fine bankruptcy court for violating our restraining order and number two of my lawyer will file harassment charges against this company. But how I can get to prove who is the creditor whose name is the credit was originally issued? If the name of my brother-in-law is perhaps why they are ignoring the restraining order. If my brother-in-law stole the identity of my husband, he'll be looking at jail, I would think. Thank you.

  • 12In chapter 7 bankruptcy original creditor and collection agency?