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Small auto loading hand gun? related questions

  • 1Small auto loading hand gun?

    ok , so I'm looking for an automatic weapon concealable hand at least 9x19 or larger. this weapon is to be used for self defense and I am not capable to concered . any suggestions ?

  • 2Filing a small claim for auto accident?

    I got into a small car accident a week ago and the person that hit me had no car insurance or registration for the car. My insurance will not pay for damage to my car b / ci only have liability coverage . I'm told that my insurance company and make a police report today . The reason I did not make a police report above is b / c he said he would pay for the damage to my car , but it turns out he can not make the payments. And since then , he was at fault (I was behind him (stop at the intersection with red light) and reverse and hit my car . ? I can file a small claim against him ? Just want you to pay for damages damage to my car. incidentally , told me that he was presenting

  • 3How much money on hand or in the bank can i have to declare bankruptcy?

    I need to declare bankruptcy under chapter 7.

  • 4Is it illegal to pay your child for doing a regular job by cash-in-hand?

    I know it sounds a bit weird but hear me out. I'm doing ICT A level and we're on the topic of the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 and obviously there's something in there to do with making sure employee's have the appropriate insurance etc. The insurance is to make sure they are covered, should an accident happen, then there's tax involved when paying employee's too. I was wondering (since in the eyes of the law it doesn't matter whether you're family or not) that if you had a son, and say you gave him some pocket money for doing some daily jobs, it would technically count as a job. Could you get fined for paying him cash-in-hand instead of doing it formally? I know there's probably something to do with the number of hours, but let's say we ignore that. Could you? (There's no real purpose behind the question, I'm just curious)

  • 5How many suits can I file in small claims court for my auto accident?

  • 6What could be the MAIN cause of my Ford Ka 1.3 (T-Reg) smoking out of the left-hand side of the engine bay?

    My Ford Ka 1.3 has recently started smoking after a journey of 5-10 min , of the left hand (left side ) of the engine bay - and performance goes right down to the point that only get up a hill ! The smell is like a strong burning metal , as an angle grinder would smell like - rather than a smell of exhaust / oil. No water is used , however , what I find strange, but it drastically overheating. When the car is left for 15 minutes to cool - it 's fine again, but after a journey of 5-10 minutes , the same thing happens again, I do not know if it is a separate issue , but the brakes fail miserably when this happens also .

  • 7Small auto injuries claim in Fremont CA Alameda County, how much should the pain and suffering be??

    I got into a car accident a few months ago , the other person is at fault, the insurance is Geico and I got medical treatment , my medical bills out at $ 2000 ( out of pocket ) . Damage to the car became $ 1,300 you paid Geico . But Geico agreement only offers $ 500 for medical treatment, pain

  • 8I am being sued in small claims court in Oklahoma for a small personal loan, on which I defaulted Help?

    I borrowed money from a high interest lender in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The loan amount was approximately $400 and I have defaulted on the loan because I simply do not have the means to repay it. I will be in court Monday morning and I've been told that since it is small claims court that I need no attorney. Still, I'm not even sure what I should say. Do I plead guilty? No contest, not guilty? If I plan to file chapter 13 bankruptcy in the next month or so should I inform the judge or the plaintiff about that? When you answer please feel free to answer more than what I have asked here. I need to be as armed as possible since the plaintiff (the loan company itself) spends a good deal of its time in court collecting and therefore has ample experience in this forum. I however have never been sued and never been in court as a defendant or plaintiff so my experience could not be more limited. In your response if it is possible for you to give me a way to either message or email you, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and wish me luck!

  • 9How do i work with a auto insurance adjuster for my auto injury for a settlement?

    How I can work with an auto insurance adjuster for my self injury for a deal ?

  • 10If someone borrows my car to run an errand will they be covered in an auto accident on my auto insurance?

    If someone borrows my car to run an errand will be covered in a car accident on my auto insurance?

  • 11Car got into a small hit?

    Today, I started my car and drove a small alley next to my house . The road was very slippery and the car did not stop when I stepped on the brake and the car hit a few steps from the deck of my neighbor . The accident skipped my front bumper a little and also chipped part of the wooden steps . I told my neighbor and told him that 's fine , because it was not intentional . Now I wonder if I have to report the accident minor chips to my insurance company or not? And if I do , what are the consequences ?

  • 12Who to go after in small claims?

    my car was involved in a car accident a couple of months ago . My car was parked at a guy and the car crashed into two other cars pushing . The person driving the car was not the owner was the passenger . We are currently going through insurance , but of course it is taking forever because they are waiting for everyone to file your claim . The owner of the car only has a limit on the liability of the State and of course my damage was above that. To make a long story short . I had no rental car in my policy I want my rent rebate , but who do I go next. The owner of the vehicle or the driver .