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QWho is liable if I have an accident or fall?

My supervisor wants me to make numerous trips to the grocery store to buy soft drinks , coffee , etc. for the office. It keeps adding more meetings , etc. I said that I'm not comfortable with the increased number of trips now with ice and snow on the ground . Who is responsible if I get in the grocery store ? I decided to start making these trips during the workday - that leaves the office , rather than in the way in driving my personal vehicle .

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#1IsiAnswered at 2013-04-25 21:49:50
It is very possible that you are responsible .

The responsibility is not
#2Jamie-LeeAnswered at 2014-05-10 13:17:22
If you are performing these duties as part of your job, you would be covered under your employer's workers compensation insurance for any injury.
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Who is liable if I have an accident or fall?

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