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Who is liable if I have an accident or fall? related questions

  • 1Who is liable if I have an accident or fall?

    My supervisor wants me to make numerous trips to the grocery store to buy soft drinks , coffee , etc. for the office. It keeps adding more meetings , etc. I said that I'm not comfortable with the increased number of trips now with ice and snow on the ground . Who is responsible if I get in the grocery store ? I decided to start making these trips during the workday - that leaves the office , rather than in the way in driving my personal vehicle .

  • 2Am I liable for this accident?

    I am currently in college , going to get my law degree . One of my teachers made ​​us this question and triggered a fierce debate in the class. The question is : If you are a road to drive in the city and swerve to avoid an object that has fallen on the road , causing two cars in the other lane to participate in a rear collision . Who should be responsible for this accident ? What do you think ?

  • 3Am I liable for this car accident?

    Ok so, on Monday I had a minor car accident at Hogarth Roundabout on the A4 in West London heading towards the M4 from Hammersmith. If anyone knows this junction than even better but if not look on google streetwise, because i believe the carriageway is three lanes coming up to the junction and carries on as three lanes past the junction. I was in the far left lane that had written on the road with markings A4 (W) (STRAIGHT ARROW) and A316 Richmond below it with the two outer lanes on the right marked A4 (STRAIGHT ARROW) to me that surely means you can be in that lane to follow straight on to the A4 (albeit it does curve however still classed as straight on) or indicate left to take the slip to Richmond. As i left the traffic signals next to the brewery (Fullers) in the left hand lane i came past the exit and continuing for the A4 ( have done this many times without problem) and happened to look in my right mirror quickly at a glance to check my car was still fully in lane (which it was as i saw the white lane marking) when out of nowhere a car was coming towards my lane from the 2nd middle lane and didnt stop hitting me in the drivers side passenger door..causing a dent and paintwork damage along the drivers side of my car. There was no indicators from her what so ever and besides..she was behind me in the overtaking lane coming towards me, she should have seen me! However it was my surprise when we pulled over when she and her irate husband got out of the car and blamed me because i never indicated right!..surely i shouldnt have to if i'm in the correct lane following through?..their excuse was they thought i was taking the A316 Richmond slip on the left but if i did i would have indicated left...i think she never even saw me and drifted towards me either from not seeing me or lack of attention. Either way the damage to my car was very minor..her's came off worse with front damage and she was not willing to accept full liabilty, i offered to show her the road markings but she was having none of it! I wouldn't have put in a claim for my car as damage is minor, however with her not accepting full liabilty, i had no choice but to claim to avoid forking out on my policy for their damage which i believe i never even caused. So what do i do? am i to blame or is she? I understand this is long and in depth but i just wanted to describe the scenario as best i could to get the best possible answers :) Thanks in advance!!

  • 4Who is liable for the auto accident? ?

    I am 19 and the car is in my moms name. I have insurance. Are my parents held liable if I get into an accident? I am in Ohio if that info is needed.

  • 5Am i liable in a no fault accident?

    Yesterday I was driving at night and as soon as I was going through the green light turned yellow . Out of nowhere a lady hit my car and his father said that a no-fault accident . She freaked out and called the police , they could not do anything , so I was wondering if I am responsible and I have to pay ....... although it is a '' no'' fault accident ..... The lady just got her license back before she hit me ( was suspended ) that add nothing to the claim . I've been driving for 2 years

  • 6Would I be held liable in this car accident?

    I was driving the speed limit on the highway . There was a big truck in front of me and totally blocked my view . I can not see any car in my lane except the back of the truck . Suddenly , the truck changed lanes without a signal, and I immediately saw two cars stopped in the road in front of me . No other cars in front of them . The distance is too short for me to stop. Then I hit the car in front of me and hit the car in front of him . Now my question is: is responsible in this car accident ? They said that in 90 % of cases , I would. But it will be so unfair to me because , apparently , you can not predict what will happen if I can see . Is there anything I can do to protect myself? Thank you. At the same time , I have to buy a new car in no time ...

  • 7Can you be liable for accident if someone in your car is hurt?

    Take someone to a doctor's appointment ?

  • 8Swerving into another lane to avoid an accident but causing an accident? Who is liable?

    Okay, I'll use letters to identify the cars: So Car A is merging on a three-lane highway. A slow vehicle is in front of him and he doesn't have much time to merge, so he merges early and sees a car in the second lane, but misjudges the distance, and he tries to get into the second lane Car B sees Car A coming into his lane and has to make a quick decision because Car A is dangerously close to him from changing lanes and he is about to hit the Car A and be in a really bad accident, so he panics and slams on his brakes and swerves into the 3rd lane in order to avoid hitting the car. Car C has no time to react before he crashes into Car B. Car A drives off unharmed, seemingly oblivious to all that has happened. So, ultimately, Car A is responsible for the whole wreck, but who would be at fault? Would it be Car A because he caused another car to swerve and then crash even though his car (car a) didn't get damaged? Would it be Car B because he swerved into another lane in order to avoid Car A? Or Car C because he crashed into Car B? Sorry, kind of long, but thanks in advance!

  • 9Pay off collections or let them fall off?

    I have some questions about credit reports and how to handle certain imperfections . The first situation is that I have two collection accounts with a combined total of $ 602. One of them is 07 and the other of 08. Should I go ahead and pay these off ? Should I send a letter of debt validation ? Or should I ignore them ? My husband and I wanted to buy a house next summer and I want my credit score up as much as possible , but I heard that the payment of debts can actually damage your credit because the

  • 10Does my ar fall under lemon law?

    I bought a used 2006 NISSAN SENTRA

  • 11If some one used my car without my expressed permission and was involved in accident; am i liable?

    my car insurance end up paying for damages , however , the other party has opened a civil lawsuit against the driver of my car . can go after me ?

  • 12What to do if an insurance company claim you are liable for an accident when there is no possible way you are?

    My partner and I were in a car accident last year ( nothing serious ) when stopped at a light and a car sped into the back of us . As soon as they were assured that it would not be responsible for the accident but now we are told we are. Apparently , the damage to your car is consistent with our changing lanes ( impossible since we were stationary) . At the time there was nothing wrong with the car except some paint transfer . Later that night our exhaust fell off , but since we had been assured that they were not subject to be cheaper in the long run not to claim . The mechanic who is fixing the car , said that was partly due to wear, however, there was a brand new part damaged , so it would have contributed (a result of the accident ) . As it is now January and the accident occurred in October can not get CCTV footage and have been told two conflicting stories about whether I count as a witness . I can not believe they have been found to be responsible when the other driver just crashed right in back of us ! How I can discuss this? Please help .