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I own a bike and gave my father permission to drive it but he gets an a accident? related questions

  • 1I own a bike and gave my father permission to drive it but he gets an a accident?

    I do owna motorcycle , and my father gave permission for you to drive . And by the way I've chased by a dog and destroyed the bike . Now my father is trying to press charges on the man with the dog loose , so you pay for the damages . However, since the bike is mine . Do not I have to be the one to press charges on the man with the dog untaimed . O my father can press charges ?

  • 2I took my car for repairs and they gave me a courtesy car to drive, with no insurance. i then had an accident?

    the accident to hit both the courtesy car and someone else's car too. The garage is not taking blame even though I got the car without signing any papers for insurance. but I assumed it was insured . the other person is calling my insurance , but my insurance only covers my own car and the other cars . the garage and the other person is trying to claim on my insurance at this time. I'm not sure what the legal aspect involved , because it means he was driving illegally without insurance. Who is responsible ?

  • 3Can I eligible to claim insurance? Is it valid to drive others car with his permission in UAE?

    My friend gave me his car to use . But my license is only five months old . I'm afraid the car insurance should something happen to your car or person . I can ? Eligible to claim the insurance? Is it valid to drive the car to others with their permission in UAE? Please advice me?

  • 4Does my friends full coverage insurance cover me if i have permission to drive her car and i am licensed?

    I have 18 years and I live with my boyfriens and want to use your vehicle granmothers . She has State Farm insurance coverage and do not think I'm covered .

  • 5Can one eye people drive the car or bike?

    Can an eye people drive the car or bike ?

  • 6Accident without permission and license?

    Younger brother age 17 drove my aunt's car without permission and license and had a hit-n-run accident. There was no major damages on both cars. He slightly rear-ended the other vehicle. Cops came and he will receive criminal charge but what about the liability. My aunt's car is insured with liability insurance and now the other driver has filed a claim and their insurance is coming after my aunt. Will her insurance cover this? What will happen?

  • 7If some one used my car without my expressed permission and was involved in accident; am i liable?

    my car insurance end up paying for damages , however , the other party has opened a civil lawsuit against the driver of my car . can go after me ?

  • 8What can I do to cheer my father-in-law up? He was in an accident.?

    A couple of months ago by the father - in-law to be was involved in a car accident . His car overturned and he was rushed to the hospital . At first he thought he would never walk again , but now he has movement in one leg , but not the other . After getting a skin graft operation , a fact that was transferred from the intensive care wing of the hospital to rehabilitation and everyone hoped he would be home for Christmas . Now , has developed another ulcer that needs to be covered with another skin graft and can only lie on the stomach . His wife , my mother - in-law to-be , says he is miserable. He has dealt with anxiety and depression before this and I feel so bad for him , it can not be easy . I want to do something to cheer him up , but I do not know why, since my boyfriend and I live eight hours away from where their parents do. He also does not like flowers or anything. What I can do?

  • 9Car accident in my father name,My name is not on insurance!?

    I got in a car accident wile i was going o highway going 70 miles an hour, tire blow up and car crashed, good thing me and gurlfirend are okay, the car is my dad's he has full Coverage insruance by statefarm, will he get money for the car even though i was driving it, police came.thank you

  • 10I was in a car accident and was at fault, all the other driver gave me was a name &phone # How do I proceed?

    The accident occurred in an exchange HWY , amid a rain storm . When I looked right to be sure that could be combined in the right lane , the riders ahead of me slowed to an almost complete stop and when I looked back and hit my brakes and tried to deviate from the way they slid in the rear of the driver before me. He said uninsured , and refused to give any information except a phone number and a name , but not his - of a woman who was in the car , I think the owner . The police were not responding to the lack of injury accidents , so I had no way to force this guy to give me the correct information. His cap was damaged , but that's it . I was told that I could decide to sue me ... I'm not quite sure how to proceed .

  • 11My father in laws back was broken in a car accident, the hospital he was taken to sent him home. can he sue?

    my father had a car accident . it was not his fault that he was sitting in the back seat . took him to the hospital he told him it was okay just to be in pain for a few days . and needless to say the next day I was at home and one of his ribs appeared so we ended up going to another hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken back . Can you sue the first hospital to send him home with a broken back ?

  • 12My family was in car accident 7 years ago!IIn-laws gave money 2 help us and never asked for it.Should we pay?