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Letting A Un-licensed Driver Use My Car.....? related questions

  • 1Letting A Un-licensed Driver Use My Car.....?

    I let my daughter brides (21 years) used the car . I have liability insurance on it and am able to let a licensed driver use. I learned that she had her license suspended for speeding. This was after she had been driving my car . She is licensed in the plastic bag, but not good on the computer . I of been in serious trouble if she had an accident . The insurance company considered an unlicensed driver let me use my car . I even been in trouble if she stopped by law. What is a person to do in a situation like this ? I let other people use my car in the past , but never again . Is there something I could of done before to let me use the car ? I 'm not a cop , so he could not run his license ( he had no reason to think it was suspended) . What do you think of this? I'd thought of a cop in this . Thanks ....

  • 2Can I get in trouble for letting an unpermitted driver use my motorcycle?

    I have a friend who is learning to ride a bike, and want to use mine . S / he is not permitted, but knows how to ride a little. My bike is fully insured , and am liscenced . If s / he does not get into an accident , will my insurance cover ? Will I have problems to let my friend use my bike ? We are in California.

  • 3Will an insurance pay a claim even though the other driver was not licensed?

    I let someone who was not licensed to drive my car and got into a car accident totaling my car . He was seen by no operators license and the other person involved in the car accident was seen by the actual car accident . Does your insurance company still cover my damages. It was also seen by parcel illegal. so will your insurance still have to pay for my car and med bills etc ... ?

  • 4Newly licensed driver accident?

    Well , I recently had an accident and rear ended a parked car .... Basically I was driving my phone was ringing and I looked down at my car alignment is really jacked so you really got good and I could not break in time to aviod . Now there was no passenger in the car under 21 and not allowed by law to be there . So now I have to go to court and that is where my question comes from .. What do you think the judge is going to do to me ? The official said so let me go , my license suspened or revoked . Any advice ? Should I write the judge a letter of apology ?

  • 5My sis in law with bad credit wants to buy my car, should I help her by letting her make payments to me?

    What other options are there? I'm afraid it will not go ahead and that he will have my car (the car is already paid ) anyway . I also insist that carry insurance in case of an accident . If I base this on a contract that is legal and what I can do when it does not come through ?

  • 6Can you file for bankruptcy on just a home rather then letting it go into foreclosure?

    What are the requirements and what happens in the long run ? Will it erase the debt of your home ?

  • 7What kind of trouble could I get in for letting someone with a suspended license drive my car?

    I have a friend who has a suspended license . He is looking for a job, but having a very difficult without transport . I have a spare car that I really do not use and asked if I could drive until you get your license back so he can find work . If he gets caught her be the consequences for me . Could not I just say that I did not know he had a suspended license ? He would support me in that and say he lied to me about it , but even if he did it would be my word against his . He's been in trouble with the law before, while I've never done , so I imagine that the police would be more inclined to believe . So what would have to take risks ? I live in Pennsylvania if that makes any difference .

  • 8Non-licensed vehicles?

    I have respect for all who have a job rather be hospital , factory, fast food, or whatever . I respect everyone whos there working for a living and not be there Fatass collecting unemployment or wellfare , but heres my b * tch All vehicles on our highways and roads for licensure and cops have no problem busting your *** if the dishes are overdue . Now tell me where farmers drive there NO lisenced hell tractor , combine, and any farm equipment they have on our highways and road leading to long lines of traffic behind them waiting to happen causing a traffic jam waiting to happen an accident. These farmers do not pay for these tractors and combines and any license that does not pay a wheel tax , but yet get to use our highways and roads . I understand that they have to go from one field to another job to do there , I also I have to go from place A to place B to do my job , I can get to drive on motorways in a vehicle lisenced hell NO . These farmers could take the dirt road or gravel road to get to where you are going , it happens all the time when their is a diversion but they do it? HELL NO . Lead there freaking Hwy 20 miles per hour as it has . Pull your head *** and give your brain some oxygen . Farmers make Freakin secondary roads . That is what is created . Paid leave in cars , trucks , vans , motorcycles and even scooters . If you want to drive on motorways then lets get a law passed must be paid for hways lisence to lower or stay the hell out of them.

  • 9How do you become a licensed insurance producer?

    Do you have to pass a test ? Is it difficult ? How good is the payment if you work for , for example , farmers insurance ? Anything else?

  • 10Why is the U.S. enforcing the seat belt law nation wide and letting motorcyclist go with out helmet s ?

    It seems , s wrong to protect a group of people and ignore another group . If you are going to tell everyone you have to wear seatbelts ( Click It or Ticket) HYPOCRITACAL type when you stop Motorcyclists not use the same thing that could save them in an accident .

  • 11Can A Fire-Damaged Vehicle Be Licensed?

    There's a car I was looking at buying truck , actually. It has minor fire damage to the bed and back half of the cabin . Only the fiberglass cast apoulstry burned off, mostly bad . The entire electrical system still runs and runs and drives perfectly . However, I heard that there was some kind of law that can not drive a vehicle with fire damage ? Is this true ? If true, then that is a law pretty ****** up!

  • 12How do I find an attorney that is licensed in two states?

    I was in a car accident in TC , but am going back to MI where I live I lived here for nine months and TC was the direction of my car insurance , so I said a lawyer MI I would have to hire a lawyer CT MI or an attorney licensed in CT