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I am looking for affordable post consumer bankruptcy counseling? related questions

  • 1I am looking for affordable post consumer bankruptcy counseling?

    My lawyer working with an agency that does it for $ 50 and got the literature from a place that does it for $ 35. Does anyone know of other agencies with affordable prices?

  • 2Bankruptcy or Consumer Credit Counseling?

    I have several cards from my college days . (10 years ago ) and put them in CCS about 4 years ago and still not paid. Then he got married and my husband's debt became our debt and now I am overwhelmed . I had to stop making payments on CCS when he lost his job in June and now we are starting to stand up again I have to decide to re-enroll in CCS or file bankruptcy . Our debt is in the thousands . I have a 29 and he is 25 and has no children , if that makes a difference . Does anyone know a website that can help me do the pros and cons or perhaps even a bankruptcy attorney here . I need help b / c I cringe when the phone rings .

  • 3What are your thoughts on Consumer Credit Counseling?

    I own a house . It's about $ 85,000 worth - I owe a lot to him . I have about $ 35,000 in debt. $ 6,000 in back taxes . (I only made ​​$ 18,000 last year? ) If you choose to use consumer credit counseling , does anyone know if this really help ? Or is it just an operation of Flim- Flam ?

  • 4Consumer credit counseling service? website is a legitimate website for help with debt consolidation ? There are many shady companies , I wonder if anyone has been in this and if it really is a useful site or is just another scam .

  • 5Does anyone know how good is Consumer Credit Counseling Service?

    Does anyone know how good is Consumer Credit Counseling Service???

  • 6Does anyone know if this consumer credit counseling site is legitimate?

    before I go handing over my personal information, I just wonder if anyone knows if this is a legitimate consumer credit counseling website, I am looking to consolidate my debt and/or seek debt settlement, I just want to make sure I pick the right organization to deal with, I really can't afford to get ripped off.

  • 7Does Consumer Credit Counseling offer a good deal? If not, what debt service does?

    Does the Consumer Credit Counseling offer a good deal? If not, what no debt service ?

  • 8Does anyone know of a good reliable,legitimate online consumer credit counseling agencies?

    I've been looking , but so far only run and get the bs . After making several inquiries online , the cheapest offer to pay the debt was $ 219 , but the price will increase a hundred dollars more after a month . I had to get rid of this company . I never want this CCCS company either. I can not afford to pay somewhat higher credit card debt . I do not want to do debt settlement or bankruptcy - not so extreme . Does anyone have any sensible and reliable advice . Any credit counseling consumer or company of debt management is what I have found . No luck in the local area here in Texas . No bad or stupid advice wanted .

  • 9We owe 60 thousand dollars in debt who is the best debt company to go threw for Consumer Credit Counseling ?

    Any information would be great. I heard both good and bad about CCCS. Again any info would be great??? I am not late as of yet or applied with anyone but will need to soon just barely hanging on.

  • 10I need a reputable credit counseling coumpany for mandatory pre-filing bankruptcy counseling. Who did you use

    Don't give me a "debt management" of "consolidation" solution as I will report you as a SPAMMER. I have already begun the paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and know it will be a long hard road to fix my credit. This is for those who have already or are in the process of filing for BK or those who know the process well, ONLY. Fed law requires pre-filing counseling and a "certificate". I can do the counseling class online which I prefer. What companies have people who filed BK used for pre-filing counseling and and post-discharge counseling? AND if you think I can get around the BK with the amazing "debt consolidation company" you are about to mention, don't... it just shows you haven't read my question and have no idea what the process is all about. I have no other options but to file BK right now. And please don't preach to me about the evils of credit or bankruptcy or how great your loan co or debt consolidation co is. I'm experiencing the evils and just want my life back

  • 11Can some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?

    In Arizona near Phx or take cases by phone .

  • 12Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, FL?

    I have decided to file for bankruptcy , however , do not know how. Neither do I. I have a lot of money , considering what I'm filing for bankruptcy , and need help finding a lawyer affordable. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Thank you.