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Are automatic car washed held responsible for damages? related questions

  • 1Are automatic car washed held responsible for damages?

    I recently bought a car wash barcode from a ski holiday ( unlimited washes in a month ) , after washing 5 i went home to dry my 03 silverado and noticed black spots of paint missing from the hood driver's side door of the truck and the tail , there is damage to the windshield (like sandblasting) and headlights and front grill.After notice the damage I went on vacation and filled out a report accident, then I got in touch with Roger Veum , a manager of customer service quality , which then took pictures of my truck and said he would get back to me after 1 week passed I called (imagine that ) , which is when he told me that they were denying my claim , said the damage was normal wear and told me that we are in court. Im open to suggestions , Thanks

  • 2Can I be held liable for damages?

    So I was working in a computer lab at my university with some friends (I am a student ofcourse). One of my friends had his external HardDrive on the table.When a few of us all were looking at one screen I accidentaly knocked over the hard drive behind me(It broke). This friends dad now wants to take me to court to pay for the data recovery + a new hard drive summing up to almost R6000(which i do not have in the first place). Am I liable for these costs?

  • 3I was involved in a car accident with no collision, could I be held responsible?

    Houston has HOV lanes that are separated from the main freeway lanes by plastic white posts. I was entering the HOV lanes via the entrance ramp, much like you would enter the freeway. I waited till the last second to move over into the entrance ramp because of heavy traffic I didnt know it was comming so quickly. My car is having some issues lately where it does not accellerate quickly but when it gets up to speed it runs fine. I was entering the HOV lanes, but was moving only about 40 miles per hour because of this issue. A fast moving vehicle was also entering the same ramp about 100 - 150 yards behind me, but did not notice that I had moved into the ramp until it was too late. He slammed on the breaks and instead of hitting me, slid into the white plastic posts separating the HOV from the freeway. The other driver struck about four posts. I drove up a little further where traffic was not so heavy and slowed down for him to drive up, but he I never saw the other driver again. I assume that he immediately cut across traffic and exited the freeway. Could I be held responsible for his accident? I would assume that this is a failure to control speed incident on his part, but because I never saw him again, I fear that I could be accused of failure to stop immediately after an accident. Am I considered a participant in the accident, if my vehicle never physically struck another vehicle or property?

  • 4I was involved in a car accident, in which I was rear ended, had no insurance, should I be held liable damages

    Just bought the car 11/22/2006 , the day before Thanksgiving, after 5:00 pm , 11/24/2007 am, I was back over. My damage was in the right rear , their dameges were in the back front. I was in the right lane . It is stated in the report of the police who tried to veer into the other lane to avoid hitting me. Affirms that pulled in front of her . If the dealer part responsible for letting the car leave the lot without insurance?

  • 5In a car accident, who is responsible for damages?

    My friend who doesnt have his license was driving his dads vehicle with me and another friend in the passenger seats. Me and my friend not driving have our licenses. The person driving crashed into a fence. Who should be responsible for damages out of the people in the vehicle? Be completely honest please

  • 6When a body shop has your vehicle, are they responsible for any damages while in their possession ?

    I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger I got into a small accident . The body has begun repairs and are waiting for a part to arrive. While in town last night , I decided to stop by the store since I was in the area, and realized my Dodge parked in front of the store with several other vehicles under repair. This was at 11:00 pm and they were closed. My defense has a deep wear that was not there when they got it. If someone were to vandalize or steal parts or even the vehicle while it is parked in front of this store , can be held liable because it is in their possession or I'll have to take insurance , which is not as happy as I have a pending claim ? Please help, thanks !

  • 7If I sue someone for damages and the judge finds me guilty, would I have to pay damages to the other party?

    If I was in a car accident and both cars were damaged , then sue for damages. But the judge found me guilty . Would I have to pay damages to the other party ? Or , the other party to sue me for the first time in order to obtain damages from me ?

  • 8If the government has no problem with responsible drinkers, why such a problem with responsible smokers (weed)?

    Really. Every time a government official talks on the grass because it is illegal, they attack it from a moral standpoint, it makes no sense to me as the snuff is the leading cause of preventable death (~ 500,000 / year) in the country and Alcohol is the second leading cause of preventable death in the country ... snuff is the # 2 cause of death overall in the U.S. , Behind heart disease, and alcohol is the # 6 just below unintentional injuries (not including alcohol-related deaths, but including accidental poisoning, falls, no intoxicant-related crashes and accidental overdose) and Alzheimer just above and diabetes ... I still have not seen any political complain either of those two drugs are legal, but God forbid - someone mentions weeds *** (15 ~ deaths per year) *** and moral arguments against Weeds are endless. A couple of questions: Do you consider it morally wrong to punish a drug that causes 15 deaths per year, while sitting around doing nothing (not even attempting to punish) a drug that causes ~ 500,000 deaths / year and a drug that causes ~ 75,000 deaths / year (take your pick, both the cause and the cause of more than 5,000 times more deaths than weed)? Do you feel bad that government officials making up stories about why a drug should be illegal? Do you think the bad government has robbed individuals of the freedom to decide what can and can not do for them is their own body? The real problem I have with the way the government is punishing weeds that are lying about why it is illegal. The reason it is illegal is because the government (think) you can not make money by selling it. If you just say that would make me feel much better, but instead indoctrinate children (gullible little things) of the U.S. to think it is a dangerous drug, when it is not. My biggest question: Why does not the government just tell the truth? Come and say:

  • 9Automatic Stay, Walking Away from My House after Bankruptcy?

    We filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy three years ago . We have been voluntery payments until recently . My husband has been unemployed for 11 months and we are now 2 months behind on our first and second mortgage . You walk away from our house without coming after us for the rest ?

  • 10Why did they stop putting automatic seatbelts in cars?

  • 11What is automatic stay can do on chapter 7 bankruptcy information?

    What to do Automatic suspension information Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • 12Does the automatic stay apply in my bankruptcy case?

    Last year , I presented two bankruptcys Chapter 13 . One was filed on March 16, 2009 , and the other in April 2009 . one was dismissed on April 29, 2010 , and the other in june2009 . I recently submitted a new Chapter 13 on March 17, 2010 . Does the automatic stay apply in the case presented again in March 2010 ?