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Im filing chapter 7 bankruptcy what do i do about the payday loans i owe? related questions

  • 1Payday loans right before Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing?

    I have two payday loans just before filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to help with court filing fee Chapter 7 . I filed Pro Se . Both loans was $ 500. Do I have to pay ( or reaffirm ) them as they were under the $ 750.00 ? . Also bearing loans less than 70 days of the bankruptcy filing . I did not know this before submitting . Only after doing research I found this .

  • 2Im filing chapter 7 bankruptcy what do i do about the payday loans i owe?

    I'm stuck in a horrible cycle to repay a loan before and after returning the next day to get the money to pay the next . I'm going to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy . It takes about 3-4 months to complete. What should I do with the loans I owe now? Please help ! thank you

  • 3Does filing Bankruptcy protect and supercede any contract I made with a creditor, including payday loans?

    Will filing for bankruptcy protection and supersede any contract made ​​with a creditor , including payday loans ?

  • 4Can I include 2 payday loans on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case?

    My lawyer is one of the best here in my town. I live in Mississippi. I told him that I had 2 payday loans out. He said not to pay them and include them on the the bankruptcy list of debts. I have be recycling (paying them back and rewriting the checks the same day) the loan for the past three months. I get paid every two that means that I have become dependent upon them for my needs to be met. They should have told me "no, you can't continue to rewrite this many times (over 6-10 times in a row)..but they didn't. I know my lawyer is supposed to know best...but I am still nervous!!! I guess because they keep calling me and leaving voice mail. Anyway, is it safe to do this.

  • 5Can I include 2 payday loans on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case?

    My lawyer is one of the best here in my city . I live in Mississippi . I told him I had two payday loans out . He said he did not pay them and include them in the list of default on the debt. I recycling ( paying back and rewrite the checks on the same day ) the loan in the last three months. I get paid every two weeks .... which means that they have become dependent on them to meet my needs . They should have told me

  • 6I have too many Payday Loans out, and I need to get rid of them, what can I do legally to get rid of them?

    I have seven of them out , and I'm in way over my head , I do not want to do anything illegal , but I'm out of this lifestyle .

  • 7Will filing chapter 7 approve my chances of getting private student loans?

    I'm thinking about filing Chapter 7 unless you can find a way to pay old debts and have it removed from my credit report to improve my credit score . Will filing Chapter 7 increase my chances of being approved for a student loan ? Is there any way to avoid Chapter 7 and just pay old debts and erased it from my credit report ?

  • 8Im in college, and I am thinking about filing for a chapter 7 will i be able to continue my student loans?

    I ran into some financial problems after getting sick , and I 'm finding it difficult to catch up. I 'm only 21, so I'm not worried about making big purchases involving credit. I'm just worried about my student loans , and if I will be able to continue to borrow from my Stafford and Perkins loans to get me to college ? Does anyone know anything about this?

  • 9I am preparing to file chapter 7 bankruptcy- can I include a payday loan taken 2 months ago?

    I live in Ohio and I have read about the new law and I 'm confused - under limited luxury good 310 sec says

  • 10Does filing bankruptcy affect personal loans?

    I have an appointment to speak with a lawyer tomorrow , but I have curiosity . A family friend borrowed a large sum of money from my father a few years ago . Everything is legal and documented with signed contracts, etc. My father passed away about 2 months and now feels that the debtor is not required to pay the 75k fof we should , which is a secured loan on our house . The original loan had to be repaid within a month. It was a quick flip of a house that went wrong and the debtor fucking bad . Even before my father died was not paying on time and my father had to chase for payment each month . If bankruptcy occurs , will we still be able to go after him for the loan ?


  • 12Chapter 7 Bankruptcy &Student Loans?

    If you are in the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy ( in Rhode Island ) are still eligible to take over student loan considering student loans are not disposable under bankruptcy ?