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I need professional help. i am broke an can not repay my student loans that are sky high? is there a way out? related questions

  • 1I need professional help. i am broke an can not repay my student loans that are sky high? is there a way out?

    I need professional help . I am broke can not pay my student loans that are soaring ? Is there a way out?

  • 2Unable to Repay Student Loans Needs Advice On How To Proceed?

    Can an unpaid student loan be applied to a bankruptcy filing? I have been going to school for 5 years (switched majors twice), I owe almost 30,000 in student loans (taken out the first two years of college in a "financial" package I had signed from my college, I was unaware of the severity of the loans, I was just trying to go to school). I had an education deferrment that allowed me time to build a foundation before I had to begin repaying my student loans. However, I took a break in the Fall semester of 2010, and I received a call this morning that I had to come up with 5,000 dollars immediately or else my loan would be sent into collections. The lender had seized the semester I took a break (I returned to school in January) and are asking for immediate payment, I can't do it. There is no way I can affort 5,000 dollars by monday or 8,000 if they give me two weeks to come up with the money. After being unable to pay those two prices, I will owe nearly 30,000 by April. I don't know what to do. Unfortunately, I was a victim of an uneducated young girl moneywise, and I made some bad decisions because I was financially informed. I am strongly considering filing for bankruptcy, because there is no way I can pay that by Monday in order to qualify for deferred payment, and no way I can afford 30,000 by April without it. I am lost, can you file for bankruptcy in Student Loan cases?

  • 3Can you transfer student loans to a 0% credit card? Is this a smart thing to do now that loans are at 7%?

    How much can I save if I transfer student loans to a zero percent credit card? Is this doable and can I then roll it onto other cards after one year?

  • 4Student loans?

    I have a private student loan, and have been considering to file bankruptcy. I also have a co borrower on this loan as well. Would declaring bankrupt on my credit, affect his as well, (would he not be responsible) or would he still have to pay for the student loan.

  • 5Student loans, any way out? ?

    Well , I have about 40,000 in student loans. ( I went to a technical school to pay a single poop ) I filed Chapter 13 a few years ago , and I have about 15 years of life . When I'm done I'll have to start paying my loans . I checked several online calculators and websites . Most of them at least pay me 375.00 per month . I have a son who lives with me half the time . There's no way I could afford this. Does anyone have any exp . Under this item, or options that might have ?

  • 6Will I be able to qualify for student loans?

    It says that i need a cosigner, and my parents would be my only choice, however my parents have declared bankruptcy. Any Suggestions?

  • 7Question about Student Loans.?

    Ok , I have 19 years of age. Wanting to go to college in a technical school . Tuition is about $ 17,000 per year, this is a highly rated school in Louisville . I have a little help of UPS , and financial aid. Now , my question . My parents have horrible credit and recently filed bankruptcy , so if you fill the Parent PLUS loan and reduced (which they will) , I am eligible to receive $ 7,500 for a year, right? If so I am only a few thousand short , with other assistance . Now , I can get another subsidized loan of $ 3,500 ( first year ) or is borrowing $ 7,500 the same, only a little bigger ?

  • 8Used my student loans to pay for my chemotherapy?

    I had to us my student loans to pay for treatment. When I went into remission I was 84 thousand dollars in debt and I can't get out. I am losing everything because I can't pay my bills anymore even though I have a full time job. I make too much money to qualify for any aid and I can't help myself. They are foreclosing on my house and I got removed from school for failure to pay. I can't get the creditors to stop calling and I have hit rock bottom. What can I do?

  • 9Amt of student loans without parent?

    I'm trying to figure out how our daughter may be in student loans on your own? My husband and I can not legally cosign for it because we are in the midst of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy . I contacted the college she will attend ( CMU ) and was told that we have to fill out a waiver form parent you make more loans , but the amount will she be able to get it? Enough to fund college? She has zero credit for what I have read that it can not get any other loan . How the hell are you going to be able to go to college ? We are desperate for any information we can get from this. Thanks a lot.

  • 10Student Loans and Chapter 7 discharge.?

    I filed a Chapter 7 and included my student loans from the various colleges I attended. I got a discharge, because I was able to prove that I wasn't able to repay the loans. I was told that after I obtained the discharge I would have to do a second portion of the bankruptcy, to remove the student loans from my FAFSA and credit report. I am unaware of what the second portion of the bankruptcy is. Does any one know the procedure to complete my bankruptcy and continue my education (of course without financial assistance)?

  • 11Does bankruptcy take care of student loans?

    I have massive student loans, credit card bills, and hospital bills. Does chapter 7 bankruptcy get rid if student loans which are in collection?

  • 12In search of an expert with student loans?

    I'm looking for a student loan that will not go straight to the school, I need it for not only books and tuition, but transportation and my own computer. So I need a little more than what my tuition is. Anyways, I applied for a Wellsfargo loan, and unfortunately they won't give me a loan unless I have a cosigner. My parents filed for bankruptcy so they cannot (and will not) cosign for me. I want to know which student loans out there are good for students who do not have cosigners, and if I apply for a student loan and am denied, does that negatively effect my credit score? I don't want to apply for loan after loan and find out that my credit score has dropped as a result. Also, I am working in retail around my school schedule to help pay but it is not enough. I have a credit score of 651. My parents still claim me and make too much for me to get any help from federal aid. Also, one more question, if I cannot get a student loan, would a personal loan be a bad idea? Any advice would be helpful.