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Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix? related questions

  • 1Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix?

    I'm looking to pay no more than $ 1,000 ideal. Possibly up to $ 1,500. Thank you !

  • 2Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, FL?

    I have decided to file for bankruptcy , however , do not know how. Neither do I. I have a lot of money , considering what I'm filing for bankruptcy , and need help finding a lawyer affordable. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Thank you.

  • 3Can anyone recommend a good cheap lawyer in Phoenix Az, for Bankruptcy?

    I know I qualify for Chapter 7, I have been to a couple of Bankruptcy consultaions, I just need to get the lowest cost for an attorney, including filling fees.

  • 4Can some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?

    In Arizona near Phx or take cases by phone .

  • 5In desperate need of a lawyer in Phoenix AZ....HELP?

    I was in a car accident that left me out of work and workers' compensation . ( Accident involving my car and a crane owned Sundt Construction ) Workers comp has been paying the wrong amount from day one , and will not change with the right amount that I am supposed to get as stipulated in the law Az . I lost my raise at work due to lack of employment in a sales position , I am also getting a pay cut for not complying with the requirement of sales due to lack of employment . The car was repaired , but I am behind on payments to be made only 1/3 of my normal income . I can not pay my bills , and the doctor will not release to return to work because I'm better. If I find a lawyer to help me I will lose everything I have . So I do not really know what kind of lawyer you need . In the accident suffered minor neck / spinal injuries requiring 13 weeks of physical therapy to Repaire .

  • 6Has anyone filed bankruptcy on University of Phoenix?

    I just received an associate degree from the University of Phoenix . I'm interested in going to a different school and I 'm doing a little history of my financial aid counselor stating that if I retire now (I'm in my first class in the undergraduate program ) that

  • 7I am looking for affordable post consumer bankruptcy counseling?

    My lawyer working with an agency that does it for $ 50 and got the literature from a place that does it for $ 35. Does anyone know of other agencies with affordable prices?

  • 8Affordable health insurance in NYC?

  • 9Phoenix, AZ car rental for 20 year old driver.?

    Looking for a car rental in Phoenix or the surrounding areas with pick up from the port of heaven . Trying to sift through all the sites , but does anyone know of a car rental company that will rent a car to a 20 year old . Not sure if you are driving with records , but it is clean, no speeding, accidents , claims, etc.

  • 10Car accident in Phoenix, insurance question?

    My wife was coming home from work yesterday. She had just gone through the security door of our apartment complex. a speed bump is about 200 meters away, as well as the front wheels passed over him, another resident retired from his room and slammed the back of his car. His truck hit his little Civic a few feet to one side, crushing the quarter panel, defense and buttoned the trunk, passenger side window was removed from the track and the engine will not roll . This guy was a complete idiot the whole thing. Instead of seeing if she was okay, asked why I did not see back out.he intimidate began with this kind of nonsense while they traded insurance information. He had his so afraid that she just got in her car and limped along our building. When I got home, he told me about it and informed me that he had not called the police because she was screaming that it was his fault. I called the Phoenix police and officers sent over and took the report and gave us all the personal information about you from your laptop. Therefore, I appeal to your insurance company and tell them the details. They say they have to wait for your insurance company to contact them. Okay, so go see the damage. My wife rear quarter panel collapsed, buckled the wheel well and on top of the roof, the trunk is pushed up in the corner, crashed the bumper and the window will not appear. This afternoon after we called her insurance company and is said to have ten days to do something about it. Well, my wife does not have a car to go to work now, so go online and google this guys name and find where you are working. I call his work and says that

  • 11How to find affordable rent to own homes in Texas?

    I am looking for a rent to own homes in Texas or its surrounding areas. If anyone knows a good real estate company or could assist me regarding this that would be great and very much appreciated!  Thanks in advance!  

  • 12In what way is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) not theft?