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If an insurance company denies your claim for an automobile accident how can you open a new claim? related questions

  • 1If an insurance company denies your claim for an automobile accident how can you open a new claim?

  • 2If you get in a car accident and your insurance company denies a claim, can someone take YOU to small claims?

    I have a guy who got into a car accident to have me go to small claims. He is doing this in the one month mark year 11 . I was fully insured . They handle this right ? I live in New Jersey. Thank you. Besides , how can you justify damage almost two years after the accident ?

  • 3A insurance company that I have a accident claim open against had sent me two checks?

    one of the checks was made ​​for me and for the repair . I have my car with that. But I think by mistake I sent another check for the same amount in 2600 . The guy told me not to cash that one who said do not worry about that one is not good . But the check is good for two years , so I was wondering what should I cash this check was a mistake on their part ?

  • 4Can you re-open a claim for car insurance when a new problem is found?

    I was involved in a traffic accident in the corridor of I -75 . I rear ended another vehicle and the front of my car was damaged . Just a week before this incident , another driver hit me in a parking lot . The frame of my car was damaged . Although there were two separate accidents , Progressive repair to a repair shop . Now four months later ( December to April ) , my car has severe mechanical closing down due to damage from what happened in the collision. Repairs were made , but the wiring center, which extends through the fan motors in the front of the car, but the car still does not work . Fans will not work and that the engine overheats and shuts down. My current mechanic will link me to the body shop to try to get them to reopen the claim. The real problem is that I have changed for travelers Progressive Insurance in February. Does the original company to work with me ? Do they have under the law ? How I can get a rental car , since I'm without transportation ? Any help will be appreciated .

  • 5Can I still cash a check for an automobile insurance claim and never repair the damage?

    I made a car insurance claim for a car accident I had. I received a check for the damage , minus the deductible . I decided not to repair the car . I can ? Deposit / cash the check of the claim and never repair the damage . Is it fraud if not make repairs ?

  • 6What can I do if the insurance company of the other driver denies to pay for repairs?

    I live in Falls Church , VA . I was in a car accident in DC . The insurance company of the other driver was at fault , refused to pay for damage to my property because I say I'm a 1% because according to the police report . What I can do?

  • 7I made an automobile insuance claim in an accident that we were at fault?

    we rolled behind into the other party's car in a rental car (we took out the CDW insurance) at the time we exchange insurance information. I called my insurnace and made the claim. A year and half later the other party never followed up therefore, no money nor repairs were reported from either side. Now!!! I'm shopping around for auto insurance and I am being pentalized for making a claim and the insurance company didn't have to pay for anyhting. My insurance has gone up at least 25% for that claim. Does anyone know if I can get the remove from my insurance company and how long does a claim stay on your insurance??

  • 8Car accident claim to insurance company?

    a car rear-ended me one night . After making a claim to your insurance company , your insurance company said they will deny my application because that boy was also hit from behind and dragged him to my car . I did not see any car with the rear of the car behind me . When I told the insurance company that his client could be lying , and I asked them if they will go for his words . then that insurance company told me , not your insurance company will do for you . What should I do in this case ? any help is appreciated . thanks

  • 9Do you have to tell your insurance company if you have an accident but do not claim?

    Single car accident , no pain , no other cars invloved . Police aware of accidents but no action taken by the police . Greetings guys . Alex

  • 10Should I claim accident with insurance company?

  • 11Should I claim an accident to my insurance company??

    About a month ago, some random lady backed up into my car door. (She totally recognizes that it was her fault). The damages amounted to $2,000. We agreed to keep insurance companies out. By law however, i was obligated to report it to the Collision center, because the damages exceeded $1,000. So that's what I did. The police phoned her a few days later, and told her to report it as well. She was worried that her insurance company would get a claim, so she phoned them and asked if they will be notified about a claim because of that report. She said she spoke to someone and they told her that a file from the collision center is sent to the insurance company but is not usually opened unless a claim is made. She then dropped off a Certified Cheque to my car dealership and told me to get it fixed anyways. So i Did. HOORAY!! my car is fixed!! 3 weeks later i bumped into her on the street, and she told me that her insurance went up, because a claim went through from the collision center (apparently her insurance company made a deal with the collision center that any at fault accidents reported are sent as a claim) and now she wants me to claim it so she can be reimbursed.....should i even care?? i got what i wanted out of this situation. my cars fixed!! In my mind this situation was over a while ago. If she has any problems with her rates I think she should take it up with her insurance company. what do you think??

  • 12What to do if an insurance company claim you are liable for an accident when there is no possible way you are?

    My partner and I were in a car accident last year ( nothing serious ) when stopped at a light and a car sped into the back of us . As soon as they were assured that it would not be responsible for the accident but now we are told we are. Apparently , the damage to your car is consistent with our changing lanes ( impossible since we were stationary) . At the time there was nothing wrong with the car except some paint transfer . Later that night our exhaust fell off , but since we had been assured that they were not subject to be cheaper in the long run not to claim . The mechanic who is fixing the car , said that was partly due to wear, however, there was a brand new part damaged , so it would have contributed (a result of the accident ) . As it is now January and the accident occurred in October can not get CCTV footage and have been told two conflicting stories about whether I count as a witness . I can not believe they have been found to be responsible when the other driver just crashed right in back of us ! How I can discuss this? Please help .