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Help please? Will they take my ring away? related questions

  • 1Help please? Will they take my ring away?

    My family and I are in chapter 7 bankruptcy. I still don't really understand it but anyway they talked to a lawyer and he said that anything of money value will be taken away from us. I was planning on buying a class ring tomorrow that's almost $400 because my mom and I have been saving up to get me one. Will they take it away from me if I buy it?

  • 2Will they want to sell my wedding ring?

    I am filing bankruptcy and I was asked to list my jewelry and the value. I don't have that much, but my wedding ring is very nice. It's valued at about $4,000.00. Will they ask me to sell it?

  • 3How much is Super Bowl ring worth?

    How much is the Super Bowl ring worth ?

  • 4How far can you legally go in Boxing using your fists outside the ring can you be an amateur what and what ?

    about martial arts How far can legally go I know the black belt can not use their fists outside the ring so that the range can go and use his fists or techniques outside the ring ?

  • 5Buying an engagement ring after filing for Chapter 13?

    My boyfriend is the declaration of Chapter 13 bankruptcy in a couple of months , with three years of repayment plan. We've been dating for five years and we've been talking about getting married . Should I wait until year 3 pay -off is over before I can buy an engagement ring ? I know there 's no way I would consider marrying without buying a ring to propose , but do not want to wait another three years .