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Is it ok to get money from car accident? related questions

  • 1Do you owe money to a hospital money if they file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Will it stay on your credit report?

    I owe money to a hospital that recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy . Is my debt to them taken from my credit report ? Or do you run ? Same goes for a bank . If they enter Chapter 11 or Chapter 7?

  • 2Do i get PIP(personal injury protection) money or will that money go for medical expenses?

    I was in a car accident in my mothers car and I already filed a claim with her insurance company for the PIP. Will I get a check for the amount or will that money go towards my medical bills?

  • 3How is a person supposed to get the money to pay for a bankruptcy if they have no money???

    Our 30-year-old son has been draining us dry, we've helped him all we can, and he has already sold everything he owns of any real value. Any ingenious ways to come up with the money he needs? The attorney's form said the filing fee was $274.00, but the attorney told our son it would cost $800 for Chapter 7.

  • 4I just received 90,000 in life insurance money owe the IRS money?

    I owe money to the IRS and I have a lot of debt , we paid the IRS out and now I think I can not do this on my own I have to file bankruptcy ... What will they say of the remaining $ 80,000 that I have ? .. To want to save it for my Grandchildren have someday , I have to stay . Please help, thanks so much!

  • 5Do i get any money from this accident?

    i was a passenger seat in a car accident and i have muscle damage all in my neck and i cant move either way. i have to get xrays tomorrow. i didn't go with the ambulance but i told the police that i was going up. the accident was fault of both drivers but mostly the car i was in. do i get anything out of this?

  • 6How much money can i sue for my car accident?

    I was the passenger in a car accident in October last year and the driver lost control and were wrapped around a tree. I suffered an injury that kept me out of my entire basketball season freshman. my family wants to sue your insurance company . how much money we could get

  • 7Is it ok to get money from car accident?

    I just had a headache .. I can get money and why do I need a lawyer

  • 8Got in a car accident. Did i get enough money for my injuries?

    about 3 months ago I got into a serious car accident that made ​​me break my forearm and femur in two places and I almost did get a hip replacement.I Surgury had to get to the broken bones with metal rods and plates was . blame it because other drivers did a trick and got a lawyer to sue over them.The we have been able to sue their insurance was $ 10,000. could sue us personally because I had a long way money.So finish with 10k and people are telling me I should of done more, but I do not know what I can do to get more money.Any suggestion ?

  • 9Can i get money from car accident even if its my fault?

    I was in a car accident recently, I'm guilty , but there is a way I can sue the insurance company for compensation for injuries?

  • 10Settlement Money for Car Accident?

    Hello , Me and my wife had a car accident in California . Another car lost control , came from the other side of the highway and hit us . Our car was added to my insurance company and they paid $ 21,000 for the car. I had a fracture in my finger ( in the joint of the finger palm ) . I had to wear a splint for six weeks . My wife had very bad bruises on the chest portion and knee hit the dashboard. In addition to physical injury , mental injury is over . She lost her confidence , she wakes up screaming in the dream and she can smell or see vehicle air bags being beaten . She is not the person I used to be . I was not thinking that psychiatry should come out of the shock on their own. The situation is much improved, but still needs to improve a lot. Our hospital bills were around $ 4,000 . I was out of work for two weeks and reached $ 4,000 . Police report came to our advantage and said his insurance for 100 % responsibility . I am a computer engineer and I have to be on the computer for 8 hours, which means I have to use my index finger for the same amount of time . Still I have pain when I write . Considering all the above facts , how do you think we should settle for ? Also , do you think it's a good idea to hire a lawyer for this ( heard that lawyers charge a 30 % solution ) ? Thanks in advance .

  • 11How much money can i get from a car accident?? it was not my fault?

    i was in a car accident. the other driver crashed into me &did a hit and run. i was in the car with my g.f . my g.f ended up with back pains &neck pains. i ended up with two broken fingers &a cast in my left hand. in addition i had back pains too. it appears that the driver that hit me was d.u.i and did a hit and run and got caught. after that, the insurance from the driver salvaged my car. just paid me what is was worth 3k. ive been going to therapy for 2 months now with my g.f. i spend about 500-600 in medical bills. i was off work 3 months. im 21 years old and i live in the state of california. i have an attorney working on my case. so how much can i get from the insurance company and my g.f ????

  • 12What should I do after car accident to claim money?

    Me and my husband went through a car accident on 10/21. somebody with a pick-up truck hit our car (Honda civic) from behind when we were waiting at the traffic light. The guy who hit us was driving pretty fast and hit us from behind. The car was a total loss (after the appraisal). the police report has not come out yet. we were taken by ambulance to the hospital. My wife had injusries in abdomen and body pain. I had injuries on upper left arm shoulder which is pretty bad. The hitter did not run away and I believe the police must have got all of his insurance and other details. I talked to my insurance company abt this. they are ready to give me total loss amount. I am new to this country and don't know much how things work here. I would like to get the compensation for medical and auto loss. I would also like to get some extra compensation for the stress and anxiety we had to go through. Please guide.